Programs for shut-ins

The Tumbler Ridge Palliative Care society is up and running strong and in the process of organizing a volunteer program to work with our communities shut-ins.

?Our what? you might ask. A shut-in is simply a person who does not go out of their home. Some of these people might not leave their home for years or even decades. They are generally thought of as elderly, but that is not always the case. Sometimes they are young, sometimes middle age, sometimes they are ?shut in? due to injury, but for whatever reason they do not get out much.

We tend to think of these people around this time of year, During the holidays, shut-ins are generally presented with a fruit baskets or other such gifts, but I want to remind you all that there are twelve months per year, three hundred sixty-five days in a year, and shut-ins have needs during this entire period and should not be neglected. Letters and occasional phone calls can be very encouraging and positive as they attempt to deal with each passing day.

The Tumbler Ridge Palliative Care Society is organizing their volunteers to visit some of these shut ins. They are trying to help these folks feel part of great community and not as outsiders, far too many shut-ins feel discarded by the community at large and they are trying to change that and fuel their desire to know about the outside world and provide them with a vital link to that world.

If you are one of these folks, who don?t get out much or don?t have many contacts in the community and feel like you would like a visit from a friendly face, or perhaps you would like to get involved with the TR Palliative Care societies shut-in visit program as a volunteer please contact Donna Mandeville at 242-5626