Provincial Court: November 22, 2012 in Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

Allan Guske’s lawyer pleaded not guilty to charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking, citing issues with the search procedure. The matter has gone over two times, said his lawyer, and at this point they are loathe to have it continue to go over and over. 

Brenda Kermeen is charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. She has not yet spoken to council, and, after speaking to duty council, asks for adjournment to consult council. 
Lyle Gilmore is charged with possession of stolen property over $5000. This is his first appearance, and, after consulting with duty council, asks that the matter to be adjourned so he can retain council. Rescheduled to January 24, 2013.
Clarence Apsassin is scheduled to appear for breach of probation, but fails to appear. Crown asks for warrant. A trial scheduled for January 24 is cancelled. 
Crystal Dussault is charged with driving while prohibited. She does not have legal representation, and can’t make the currently scheduled trial. A new hearing date is set for May 30 and trial date set for June 27.
Terri-Lynn Beattie makes her first appearance on charges of assault. After speaking to duty council, she asks for adjournment to consult with council. Postponed to January 24,2013. 
Jason Bradley is charged with fear of injury/damage by another person. Adjourned to January 24. 
Jimmy Byrne says he has been unable to reach his lawyer in Edmonton, and asks for adjournment. Scheduled for arraignment hearing on January 24. 
Shane Ewasiuk is scheduled to appear for breach of probation but fails to do so. A warrant is issued. 
Justin Garner is charged with assault. He pleads not guilty. Conditions are given on the scope of his interaction with the victim.
Doug Graham pleads not guilty to a series of assault, assault with a weapon and uttering threats. 
Andrew Grierson pleads guilty to charges of driving while prohibited. It is a second offence, and he is sentenced to a $500 fine and 14 days in jail, which can be served on weekends in Dawson Creek. A second charge is stayed. 
Dusty Hanson disputes charge of fear of injury/damage by another person. Held over. 
Steven Higgins is charged with breach of probation. After speaking to duty council, he asks that case be adjourned to consult with council. Scheduled to reappear on January 24.
Zachary Krauss’ father appears before the judge to explain that Krauss is living in Saskatchewan and is working in the Northwest Territories and is unable to appear at this time. He asks that a date be set farther into the future so his son can appear. Arraignment hearing scheduled for February 28. 
Raymond Sanche is charged with breach of undertaking or compliance as well as willfully resisting or obstructing a peace officer. He is not present, but Crown council spoke with his council and a date will be set for his trial. 
Kane Carlson did not appear for tickets issued. He had been granted adjournment once before. He made an application to adjourn, but it was denied. Ticket treated as not disputed. Convictions entered on all three counts.
Dwayne Testawich failed to appear on charges of operating a motor vehicle while disqualified. Warrant issued. 
Tyrell Collins’ mom appears to represent her son in breach of probation orders case. Says her son is now working in Chetwynd and has requested the case be moved to that location. Crown has no objections. Rescheduled. 
Stuart Fergusson failed to appear on charges of care and control of vehicle while impaired and driving while prohibited/license suspended. Warrant issued.