Public Library Customers Take to the Road With New BC OneCard Service

?When I was traveling around BC, I would often stop at local Libraries and check out what books or movies they had, or see what programs were being run, and just visit the local staff. Often informing them that my Aunt also worked at a Library and talk about all the silly things that happen in Libraries, and believe me – there are some oddities out there, and of course I would get a Library card so that I could enjoy a book while chilling out at local ?hang-out? spots. But getting a card was not easy! I had to either convince them that I was totally honest and would return a borrowed book or pay a fee. I proudly did collect about 15 library cards or so and my wallet was no longer the nice slim thing that it once was. Then the unthinkable happened? BC invented the OneCard.?

Resident, Tumbler Ridge BC

Launched in early fall, the BC OneCard program, funded through the Ministry of Education, Public Library Services Branch, allows BC residents traveling in the province to use the services of public libraries wherever they go.

?A customer only needs a valid public library card from their home community ? and current ID ? to sign up as a BC OneCard member in another community,? says Michele Burton, Library Manager of Tumbler Ridge Public Library. ?This entitles them to use the public library wherever they stop for a short time or stay for a longer visit.? She goes on to explain that materials that a BC OneCard member borrows from one public library may be returned to that or any other public library in BC, and that each library determines the specific services and materials BC OneCard customers may use.

?This is a very exciting advance in library service for this province. In an increasingly mobile society, it means public library customers have access to a wider range of services and materials wherever they travel or stay in BC.?

Find out more about the BC OneCard program by calling Michele at (250)242-2778, logging onto the TR Library website at, or checking the provincial BC OneCard program website

?As for me, well, looks like my wallet just got a lot thinner, while my options just got a lot bigger. Whether I?m relaxing by Kinuseo Falls, enjoying the view on Beacon Hill in Victoria, or enjoying time with my grandparents in Courtney, I can always enjoy a good book and a good Library.?