Public Library Volunteer of the Year Award

According to the new set of World Book Encyclopaedias, the dictionary defines volunteer as:

·To offer one?s services of one?s own free will OR

·To offer one?s services or one?s self for some special purpose or enterprise

Your Library provides an integral element to the Community. Last year volunteers of all ages dedicated 657.5 hours to aid the Library staff in providing excellent service to the community.

My Great Aunt always said that a person should volunteer and that you can tell a person who volunteers by their spirit and their soul.

The Bruce Cramp Library volunteer of the Year Award was created to honour the memory of this inspiring thirteen year old boy. He was a model volunteer in the Library and therefore this award is based on the criterion of characteristics which Bruce portrayed:

·Reliable ·Honest ·Cheerful ·Helpful ·Dedicated to the goals of the Library

This year Rachel Perry is the deserving winner of the award. Rachel has been coming to help in the Library for many years – I think to begin with, when she was little, she tagged along with her sisters to help. As Rebekah and Sarah are both last years recipients of the Library Volunteer Award, Rachel had the best teachers possible. Thank you very much Rachel for many years of the cheeriest volunteer work that you have done for us. Dianne, Dwayne you must be proud ? you have done excellent work yourselves in parenting.