“All Girl Class Launches Dino Camp 2005”

The third season of Dino Camp kicked off on July 4 from the Tumbler Ridge Campus of Northern Lights College with an all-female class.

Dino Camp is a summer science camp jointly initiated by the college and the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation after the discovery of dinosaur tracks and bones sparked a flurry of exploration and research by Canada's leading dinosaur experts. The camps introduce students to biology, geology and palaeontology through field trips and interactive classroom activities.

According to student coordinators Janet Proos and Melanie Dame – currently instructing their second summer in Tumbler Ridge – this is the first year they have led an all-girl camp. Proos, entering her fourth year of palaeontology at the U of A, says the mix of boys and girls is usually equal.

"I wouldn't say one group is more into dinosaurs than the other; this could be a fluke, or it could indicate a growing trend among girls to become more interested in the sciences," she said. Proos estimates that males and females are equally represented in her U of A program. The 2005 summer program has expanded beyond the introductory (Raptor) camp, designed for students aged 8 to 12, to include a second-level Tyrannosaur and the brand new third-level Pterosaur camp.

Triceratops camp is a 2-day condensed version for kids aged 6 to 8, and this year an adult "Ankylosaur" camp has been scheduled for one time only, from August 15 to 19. Dino Camp provides an excellent opportunity for moms and dads to spend their days hiking some of the 25 Tumbler Ridge trails, going on guided dinosaur footprint tours, and golfing while the kids attend camp.

Accommodations in Tumbler Ridge include campgrounds, the TR Inn, Mountain Base Camp, and the Golden Aspen and Mountain Spirit B&Bs. Dino Camp information, photos and sponsoring organizations can be found at www.nlc.bc.ca/trce