Quality Wind Project workers donate trailer full of food to local food bank

Trent Ernst, Editor

A group of workers from the Capital Power Wind Project pose with just some of the food they dropped off to the local food bank. 
“This is awesome,” says Matthew Westegard, pastor of the New Life Community Church and contact person for the Tumbler Ridge Family Assistance Program as he surveys the mounds of food donated by workers at the Quality Wind Project. “This is absolutely incredible.”
While the donation did not come as a complete surprise to Westegard and the other members of the food bank, they were blown away at the sheer amount of food that was donated. “They called us in June and asked us if it was okay to donate food to the food bank,” says Westegard. “I was like, ‘um, yeah.’”
Amy Durand, a volunteer with the food bank, says she had no idea there was going to be as much food as there was. “They said there would be enough to fill the shelves, but this is insane. We put out three tables, thinking that would be enough. There’s eight tables full and more on the floor.” 
Westegard jokes that it must have taken them weeks of going into the store and buying them out of Mr. Noodles to get as many boxes as they had. “Between that and the ravioli…I’ve never seen that much ravioli in my life.”
Westegard is thankful for the generous spirit of giving, both by the workers at the Quality Wind Project and by the people of Tumbler Ridge. “At nearly every food bank that I know of in the north, the shelves are empty,” says Westergard. “We have never been in a position where we’ve been empty, because the community has been very generous, whether it is the businesses that have been financially generous or the people who have donated food to the food drives. The town has always been good to us, and we’re very thankful for that.”