Recognizing excellence in business, this award acknowledges business success achieved over a two year period. The woman chosen must be actively involved in day-to-day management and be an owner or a majority shareholder.

Tom Leboe, Pacific Western Breweries commented that Ms. Johnson was chosen for his companies award ?basically because she is a woman who is doing so well in a man?s world. We were very impressed with all of her accomplishments.?

Raelynn?s on going perseverance in operating her own business and additionally being Chief Operating Officer in a business that was involved in a re-insurgent of the mining industry in Tumbler Ridge and in turn being one of the larger employers in what some called a washed up community.

With previous experience in the trucking and transportation industry in the oil and gas sector and having the opportunity to foray into the mining sector was a new realm that Raeylnn was eager to experience. This foray entailed managing 16 to 20 tractor-trailer units and directly and indirectly managing 50 plus employees. Dedication to this project of managing a 24-hour business that operates seven days a week along with raising a family of four boys aged six to 17 has been a challenge.

Other Nominees

Marnie Bossman. Sweet As Can Bee, Prince George

Betty Barton, Barton Construction, Terrace

Wendy Noullett, Kawano Farms, Prince George

Loraine Funk, Tumbler Ridge News, Tumbler Ridge

Carol Pitkin/ Vera Bishop, Pearl?s Fashions o/a Carver?s Clothing Co. and The Outlaw, Quesnel