Raptor’s Rap

Crosbie Bourdeaux

In 1920, hockey was played in early April as part of the Olympic Summer Games in Antwerp, Belgium. The tournament also served as the first World Hockey Championship. Canada wins easily.

During that first international completion, the games were played with seven players on the ice for each side. The seventh position, commonly known as the “rover” was later dropped from all organized hockey.

In 1924 Hockey became a permanent event at the Olympics. Canada dominated the first three decades, winning six out of seven gold medals

Nearly a hundred years later, the 2014 Olympics will be the first time the Russian Federation has hosted the winter Games. According to the Olympic.org, Sochi will be one of the most compact Olympic competitions in history. There will only be a 30-minute drive between the coastal area of the Games in Sochi, which will host the ice games, and the mountain area of the Games in the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains.

Having won their bid to host, Sochi will build an array of new venues and centres. These include a 40,000-seat Olympic stadium and apartments for about 2,600 imminent athletes and coaches. The budget for the Games is $18 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Sochi beat finalists Salzburg, Austria and PyeongChang, Korea for the hosting rights.

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Did you know: That our own Christopher Mackay who plays goalie for the Midgets had shut-outs in three out of four games in a tournament during the 2012–13 season? For those of us like myself who don’t know what a shut-out is, it is a game where the goalie does not let any goals in. When a goalie goes down on his knees and spreads his legs out to make a save this is called a “butterfly”, which was popularized by the master of the butterfly, Patrick Roy.