RCMP Advisory

On March 9, 2014 at approximately 08:33 in the morning, Chetwynd RCMP responded to a report of a single motor vehicle incident on Highway 97 South near the Hasler Road. Upon attendance, police observed a red GMP pick up truck which had gone down the ditch off the Northbound lane. The pick up was down an embankment of approximately 100 feet. The driver, fortunately, was not injured and advised police that he had hit black ice on the curve and had spun into the ditch. Police are reminding motorists to drive with extreme care at this time of the year. With varying temperatures, thaw and freeze,  it is perfect weather to create black ice/slippery sections on pavement so please drive carefully and respect speed limits.

Also on March 9, 2014 at approximately 9 pm, the Chetwynd RCMP were notified of a motor vehicle/pedestrian accident on Highway 97 near the Chetwynd NAPA Auto Parts  store in Chetwynd BC. The vehicle, a District of Chetwynd Fire Department pick up truck, struck a pedestrian who was dressed all in black and ran across the highway giving no chance for the pick up to stop in time without striking the pedestrian.  The pedestrian was transported to hospital with minor injuries and kept overnight for observation. Witnesses to the incident confirmed that the pick up did not appear to be speeding and that the accident was unavoidable as the pedestrian seemed to appear ‘out of nowhere’ and was dressed in all black clothing. Police have obtained statements from all parties and an accident report will be forwarded to ICBC as well as WorkSafe BC, however, charges are not anticipated.

On March 10, 2014 at approximately 8 pm, Chetwynd RCMP responded to an assault complaint at a residence in Chetwynd. Investigation revealed that the 17 year old step-daughter of a 45 year old woman was assaulted by the step mother who was intoxicated at the time. The 45 year old step mother was arrested for assault and the 17 year old step daughter was transporter to hospital via BC Ambulance with head injuries. The Ministry of Children and Families was notified as there was another, younger daughter in the residence. The younger daughter went with other family members to ensure her safety. The police investigation is on going and further statements must be obtained, however, the 45 year old woman has been released from custody with a Promise to Appear in court at a later date. The Ministry of Children and Families will also continue to investigate to ensure child safety.

Sgt. O. Tremblay
Chetwynd RCMP