RCMP Advisory

For most people, the beginning of the year is January 1st, but for the RCMP, the start of our New Year is April 1st.

Each year at this time we consult with out local government partners to determine what their ideas and priorities are for us. Meetings are held with Chief and Counsel at West Moberly First Nations, Chief and Counsel at Saulteau First Nations and Mayor and Counsel at the District of Chetwynd. As your local police, we have goals and initiatives that are very important to us; however, we know the community has initiatives on what they would like to see us focus on.

Last year the Chetwynd RCMP were given three community priorities: enforce and prevent impaired and dangerous driving; address the drug trade in our community; and reduce property crime.

Typically, RCMP Detachments report back to our government partners regarding our successes, what the stats were, what we were able to achieve and what we were not. This year we are sharing our report with local media and the citizens of Chetwynd as well.

Contribution to Safe Roads: On April 1st, 2013 the Chetwynd RCMP challenged ourselves to increase our visibility on our roadways and increase the number vehicles we pulled over for unsafe driving behavior. We also concentrated on reducing impaired driving, with a goal of taking 50 impaired drivers off the road. As of March 31, 2014 the Chetwynd RCMP members issued 595 violation tickets and written warnings for unsafe driving behavior and charged 55 drivers either criminally or using the IRP (Immediate Roadside Prohibition) program. While it is disturbing to think that RCMP officers charged 55  impaired drivers, the number is down from the previous year. This is a trend we hope continues as there is never a reason to drive while impaired.

Substance Abuse/Drug Trafficking: Policing experience has shown that substance abuse and drug trafficking has a dramatic impact on communities. Chetwynd detachment has a very hard working, eager to group of police officers who made it their goal to impact the drug trade in our community. Several members volunteered their time, on days off, to conduct surveillance, speak with community members, and gather as much information as possible regarding the drug trade in our community. These efforts resulted in search warrants being issued, arrests, and the seizure of drugs, cash, and several firearms.

In addition to these enforcement initiatives, our members held drug awareness presentations primarily targeted at youth within the community with a focus on the risks associated to addiction.

Property Crime Reduction:¬†Property Crime includes break and enter to residences, commercial places, theft from motor vehicles, and other property related issues. Again, out members had to be smart, gather intelligence, conduct surveillance and be committed to identify who was responsible. To assist them with this initiative our detachment provided training to our members in relation to the ‘prolific offender program’. When there was a spike in a particular property crime, whether it was theft from motor vehicles or break in’s, our members would gather as much information as possible and were determined to put a stop to it. This year we identified a group from out of town responsible for a rash of break-in’s to commercial places. Our efforts were instrumental in collecting and processing the evidence in order to have them charged and convicted. We also identified a person responsible for another rash of break and enters to commercial properties and through excellent police work, he was identified, charged and convicted. We are proud to say that there has not been any commercial break and enters since that time.

Our business partners also played a big role in our investigations by installing video surveillance and security systems in their businesses. the last break and enter to a business was captured on surveillance which confirmed we had identified the correct individual responsible.

We would like to take this time to thank everyone in the community who assisted us throughout this year. As we begin another year, your Chetwynd RCMP remains committed to keeping our community safe.

Sgt. Olivia Tremblay
NCO i/c RCMP Chetwynd Detachment