There were several unfamiliar faces at the RCMP detachment in Tumbler Ridge on Thursday, September 23. This was cause for speculation on what they were doing here? here?s the scoop. RCMP officers from Dawson Creek were in town to attend the fourth day of a five-day Bike Patrol course. Also attending this course was Officer Josh Buck from Tumbler Ridge. The other four days of this course were held in Dawson Creek.

The fourth day of the Bike Patrol course consists of an intense bike ride, sprint and then target shoot. This activity allows officers to become accustomed to responding to an incident after the high physical demands of the bike ride. It also gives officers a good idea of their limits. Tumbler Ridge hosted this portion of the course because Cpl. Peats is the only Basic Firearms Instructor in the area and he assisted with the firearms portion of day four.

Tumbler Ridge is part of a much larger picture. The RCMP are preparing, right now, for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. There will be a huge demand for officers trained in a variety of skills including Mountain Bike patrol. ?We too are contributing to this much larger picture,? says Cpl Peats. ?We currently have three officers trained in bike patrol.?

Upon returning to the Police Station, the bikes were dirty and the officers looked invigorated from their workout. One of the realizations after day four was that Tumbler Ridge has great bike trails. ?Tumbler Ridge is perfect for this kind of training,? said Officer Tom Henetiuk of Dawson Creek who is a Bike Patrol Instructor. ?I am really impressed with the trails around Tumbler Ridge and I would like to come back here for more training.?

Bike Patrol is becoming a familiar site in communities each summer as the RCMP trains more officers to utilize mountain bikes in their patrolling. The public seems to embrace the bike patrol. Police officers on a bike are more approachable, this is just one of the many benefits of bike pa