Cpl. Peats, Tumbler Ridge RCMP held a community meeting at the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre on November 22nd, attended by around 40 residents.

A slide show presentation was made of the statistics for Tumbler Ridge. They included:

Calls for Service

September 1, 2004 816 September 1, 20051007

September 1, 20061284 November 20, 20071663

100 percent increase in calls for service.

Criminal Code Statistics


Persons 181840 52

Property Damage1017677121

Break and Enter151317

Drug Charges334151

Impaired Driving152242

Provincial Statutes




Car Crashes (one fatality)4269157159

Community Policing What is the point?

2007 Halloween Bonfire

1) 350 to 400 people attended

2) Two smashed pumpkins, one smashed porch light

3) No injuries to pedestrians

4) No ?Goodie? bags were robbed

5) No vandalism to the downtown core.


Crime Trends Where have we come from?

*At a similar community meeting in 2006, the following were concerns:

1) ATV?s on the Greenbelts

2) Youth drinking at the Skate Park

3) Traffic – speeding, dangerous driving and impaired drivers.

Results from Last Year:

ATV?s – call volume down substantially since July.

Detection and Apprehension of Impaired Drivers. Up 100% from 22 in 2006 to 42 in 2007.

Traffic Tickets

in 2005 – 233 tickets and in 2007 – 698 tickets (so far)

Crime Trends Where are we going?

Family Violence20062007

Male Offenders charged612

Female Offenders charged811