RCMP Hold Public Meeting

It looks like a lot of people in Tumbler Ridge read the Police Blotter. Remember last week when Cpl Peats said, ? I just want to remind you of a ?Town Hall? style meeting that will be hosted on Wednesday March 16, 2005 at 7 p.m. in room 4 at the Community Centre? All of the officers from Tumbler Ridge Detachment will be there. Stop by, put a face to a name, and let?s work together to make Tumbler a great place to live.?

Well, people were reminded and over 100 people showed up at the meeting to take part in the discussion and to listen to Cpl Peats explain crime statistics.

The evening began with a touching PowerPoint presentation that was a visual memorial of the four officers who were murdered earlier this month. There was a signing table where people could sign their names and add their message of condolences for the families of the four officers.

The memorial was followed by Cpl Peats thanking the community for their support during the past two weeks. Members of the detachment were introduced at which time Cpl Peats stood on a chair and asked the audience the question we have all been waiting for, ?Do these pants make me look fat??

Peats went on to explain that it is his intention to hold these meetings on a regular basis and that his objective is to share information and look for dialogue on issues that effect this community. Peats also announced that the Tumbler Ridge Detachment will be getting a new member sometime this year, so the detachment will be up to five members.

Crime statistics were a main part of the presentation. In 2003 Tumbler Ridge had a population of approximately 2400 and in 2004 the estimated population of Tumbler Ridge was 3300. Even with this increase in population, crime statistics have remained very steady, 2004 stats are even less in certain cases.

For instance criminal code issues were at 377 in 2003 and at 276 in 2004. Federal cases were up slightly, from 36 in 2003 to 49 in 2004. Federal cases are drug related. Overall calls were down in 2004; from 1276 in 2003 to 1155 in 2004.

The strategic direction for the TR RCMP included; community policing, COPS, youth initiatives, enforcement, communication and fiscal responsibility. Following the discussion on strategic direction Peats explained a little about dispatch. The information that is required when calling in a complaint are things such as; a careful description of the location, your full name, seriousness of the situation, etc. 911 takes precedence except in the case of officer safety. If you dial 911 by accident-don?t hang up!

The floor was then open for discussion, at which time questions were asked and complaints voiced.