RCMP Report

Sergeant Kurt Render

On Wednesday March 6th, 2013 at approximately 10:00 PM Tumbler Ridge RCMP received a report of an overdue snowmobiler. The missing sledder left Tumbler Ridge at about 10:00 in the morning to go snowmobiling in the Babcock Mountain area off of the Core Lodge Road, a popular site for snowmobile enthusiasts.

An initial search was organized by volunteers on Wednesday evening well after dark and because of their efforts, they were able to locate the missing sledder’s trail and returned to advise the RCMP so the information could be relayed to the Search and Rescue team in the morning.

On Thursday morning the RCMP were advised that a helicopter contracted by Search and Rescue had located the missing sledder and he was being flown back to Tumbler Ridge.

The RCMP would like to recognize the efforts of the persons who conducted the initial search on Wednesday. Justin KRUSE, Kevin ALARIE, Erik SYLVAIN, Aaron INKPEN, Lonnie REDFORD and Jonus IRVING volunteered their time and equipment to look for a fellow missing sledder under less than ideal conditions and further demonstrated commendable restraint when they did locate the trail, but realized that following it would put them into a position that they too would require rescuing. They instead decided to return to the landing, coordinate with police and assist the search effort by ensuring that the best information was provided for the Search and Rescue team without adding to the complexity of a mountain rescue.

Additionally, the RCMP would like to acknowledge John HOWE who contacted and coordinated the efforts of the initial search team, as well as Zeb IRVING and the members of Tumbler Ridge Search and Rescue who followed through with search management the following day.

The RCMP would like to remind those venturing into the mountains and back country areas to travel in groups, carry avalanche beacons, probes and GPS safety equipment as well as survival equipment. Warm weather can cause the snow pack to become unstable and create hidden icy conditions that make terrain treacherous.

Play safe and stay safe!