Re-Evolution ? Midwinter Review raises money for COPS

Admittedly politically incorrect, outrageously funny and often times off the wall, the Mid Winter Review returned, after a four-year hiatus. The ?just in time for spring? show featured many of the old favourites: Aunt Lizzie, Melvis, Cecil and LooseWheel and some new additions to the cast including Dr. Helmut, Nurse Scumrat, Make a Deal Steal, Harry Springer and a guest appearance by the RCMP mounted camel.

The audience erupted in laughter when Barb Schurkamp playing Dr. Helmut and Dr. Helm playing Nurse Scumrat recognised the need for family planning in the future and opened a sperm donation clinic to assist in this process in which Nurse Scumrat commented ? Today?s sperm, tomorrow?s taxpayer.?

Mertle, Gertle and Melvis Flatly displayed a unique musical interpretation of Celtic culture featuring piano, fiddle and what can you say about Melvis? dancing? Seeing is believing.

A crowd member commented, ?My ribs and side were sore till Wednesday, I laughed so hard?. The overwhelming audience response was, ?When?s the next show??

It was an evening of community unity and laughter shared by all, just when a good laugh was needed. In the process over $1100 was raised for COPS. This event was hosted by the Review Crew.