Ready for the Rush

Trent Ernst, Editor

While there’s still work to be done on the outside, on the inside, everything is ready for the return of the temporary workers at the new duplexes by the school.

“We haven’t been able to do any landscaping over the ten months of winter so far this year,” jokes Graham Johnson of Triland International, “But we’re all ready for when the workers show up, probably in mid-June.”

Triland was planning on developing a series of duplexes as low-cost housing for miners. Their plans were accelerated when HD Mining invested over $15-million to have the housing ready to be occupied by temporary foreign workers coming from China. Because of the rush, Triland started working on the project late last year, which lead to difficult conditions over winter. But with the onset of spring, Triland hopes to finish landscaping, road repairs and other outdoor work soon.