In 2004, the British Columbia Real Estate Association adopted a philosophy called Quality of Life to reflect the work done by REALTORS throughout the province.

Realtors are committed to improving our Quality of Life by supporting growth that encourages economic vitality, provides housing opportunities and builds better communities with good schools and safe neighbourhoods. Realtors do much more than trade in real estate. They help British Columbians achieve the dream of home ownership-the foundation of a strong community.

Quality of Life?

· Starts with a good job

·Means having a roof over your head and a choice of housing design

·Is about creating communities where everyone thrives

·Includes clean, safe neighbourhoods, good schools and efficient transportation

The goal of the Quality of Life philosophy is to recommend public policies that will enable people to get what they value most: jobs, homes and better communities.

Quality of Life is based on five principles:

1.Ensuring economic vitality. The key to our quality of life is a strong economy. A vibrant economy creates jobs, expands the tax base, enhances and revitalizes communities.

2.Providing housing opportunities. We all want a safe, decent and affordable home near where we work, shop and play. We must grow the supply of housing-including choices about design, cost and location.

3.Preserving our environment. REALTORS recognize one of the most important elements of our quality of life is the environment: clean air and water, parks and open space.

4.Protecting property owners. A strong economy depends on preserving the investment people have made in their homes by protecting the ability to freely own, use, buy and sell real property.

5.Building better communities. Better communities come when government is our partner, sufficiently funding the roads, water and sewer that are the framework for a community?s quality of life.

REALTORS are Quality of Life Experts: Realtors are in the business of selling communities-not just homes. Like our neighbours, we want good schools and parks, safe neighbourhoods, and a strong economy.

Realtors know what people value most in a home and a community. It?s part of our jobs. Our clients talk to us about those values every day.

Economic growth allows us to invest in schools. Prosperous communities have low crime rates and good health care. In communities where jobs are plentiful, so are parks, open space and housing choices.

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