Recognize Someone Who Makes A Positive Difference In Your Community

Do you know someone who makes a positive difference in your community? A person who works tirelessly, sometimes behind the scenes, sometimes in a more public way, to make your community stronger, more compassionate, or more vibrant?

Now is your chance to recognize and thank this community hero by responding to the fifth annual BC Community Achievement Awards call for nominations.

?The BC Community Achievement Awards are a wonderful opportunity for British Columbians to give back to the people in their communities who give the most,? said Keith Mitchell, Chair of the British Columbia Achievement Foundation. ?By nominating someone, you participate in the life of your community–you voice your support for what makes it strong.?

?Anyone or any organization can submit a nomination,? Mitchell noted. ?Your nominee can work in any area–such as the arts, civic duty, volunteerism, business, education or healthcare–as long as they are an inspiration and positive force in your community.?

The deadline for nominations is November 15, 2007.

So far, some 160 British Columbians have been presented with BC Community Achievement Awards.

Previous award recipients include Christopher Gaze, founder of Vancouver?s Bard on The Beach, the much anticipated annual Shakespearean festival, Sandra Heydon, a Chemainus volunteer who has devoted countless hours to the Chemainus Mural project, helping transform the community into a world class tourist destination and Ben Wah Lee, a longtime Kelowna city counselor and founder of the Kelowna Multicultural Society and Kelowna Folkfest.

For more information on the nomination process or to obtain a nomination form, please visit or call 604-261-9777 or toll-free 1-866-882-6088. Forms are also available at government agent offices and public libraries.

Nominations will be reviewed by an independent advisory council of community leaders. The council will consider the nominee?s contribution on the basis of community impact, commitment, and length of service. Award winners will receive a uniquely British Columbian medallion, designed by BC artist Robert Davidson, at a spring 2008 ceremony in Victoria.

The British Columbia Achievement Foundation is an independent foundation established and endowed by the Province of British Columbia in 2003 to celebrate excellence in community service, arts, and the humanities.