Recreation Report

Chuck Jensen
It has been a busy final few weeks at the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course. There have been several small tournaments and events at the golf course including the Mortensen fun tournament on September 2, the Legion tournament with 24 players took place on September 8, and the left verses right hand tournament with over 20 participants on September 9. I must mention again that our Golf Course Manager Burke noted that not unexpectedly, the left hand players easily won the left verses right tournament. The season’s final big event was a tournament with 48 local players on September 22. 
As I write this it is snowing. However, the plan for the golf course is to close the regular greens for the season on October 9. Temporary greens will be available for use until the end of October or until heavy frost or snow forces an earlier closure. The restaurant will remain open after the golf season closes, although with reduced hours. 
The golf course received a piece of good news last week. Blair Armitage from Golf Canada was in touch to let us know that the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course is winning an article in Golf Canada, some great publicity, and some prizes for having the largest membership growth in BC. The real credit goes to all the people who purchased memberships this year. 
There has been some work going on at the golf course the past couple of weeks that people may have noticed. Several trees have been cut on the side of the hill heading down to fairway nine. This will be home to the new Tumbler Ridge toboggan hill. I know it doesn’t look great at the moment, but this has the potential to become a great year-round recreation facility. The Tumbler Ridge golf course will become a facility featuring golf in the spring, summer, and early fall, and tobogganing cross country skiing, and skating in the winter. Weather permitting of course. 
This season the golf course underwent a few physical changes. The paving of some of the golf paths went over very well, especially between fairway 4 and 5.  No matter if you use a cart or walk, it has made a positive difference. Of course, the paving makes the course look better as well. 
At the start of this golf season the course also had some brick work done around the practice putting greens and the number One tee box. Thanks to the defunct golf course society, some very nice metal fairway signs were installed this summer. They donated the cost to purchase these signs. Some trees were also removed from the golf course early in the year. A lot of these were removed because they were destroyed by the pine beetles. 
Inside the restaurant, which as mentioned earlier will remain open through the winter, there is one final thing I must mention. On September 2 Trail Leclerc of Systems by Trail installed baffles in the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course restaurant. It seems to have made a big difference in the sound in the restaurant. The music is clearer, listening to the TV is easier, and talking among friends more enjoyable.  
I want to wrap up by mentioning some staff. Burke Louder returned for his second season as manager and head pro. He has some great ideas for next year including a corporate golf team night. I appreciate the work of Burke and his pro-shop staff this season. Kevin Slaney came on as the course head groundskeeper. Kevin and his grounds keeping team did a great job getting the course prepared this spring and keeping it in great shape all year. Plus, Kevin even took time out to compete in, and beat Chris Swanson by 30 seconds, to win the 2012 Emperor Challenge. 
I encourage people to take advantage of the last few days on the golf course even with the temporary greens. The course will reopen in the spring of 2013, hopefully no later than April or early May, weather permitting. 
For information on the Community Centre, drop in, pick up a brochure, talk to a staff member on site, or call at 250-242-4246. Even with the golf course closing remember, as Charles Helm and the Trail brochure states, ‘Tumbler Ridge is the best and easiest place to get fit and stay fit.’