Red Ribbon Days

Red Ribbon Days is fast approaching. The booklets are now at the Community Centre so get your copy and see what you can enter. You can also go on the internet at Cooking and preserving are easy to enter. Lemon pie is not crossed out ? it?s a computer error that put the line through the page. Please enter. Lots of pies, cakes, doughnuts, bread, buns, muffins, biscuits, bannock, scones, cookies and squares can be made. The preserves include antipasto, salsa sauce, pickles, chutney, canned fish, canned meat, marmalade, jelly, jam, cranberry sauce, mincemeat and pickled eggs.

Children can make brownies, cake, bread, rice krispie squares, fudge, cookies and an ethnic entry as well as an apple pie and cinnamon buns.

There is a great variety to enter including bread machine bread.

Remember there are handicrafts including quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, arts and crafts, weaving and holiday crafts. There is horticulture. Not all items have to be grown by the exhibitor and some of the children?s include wildflowers. In particular, if you are doing an arrangement you do not have to use your own flowers. Photography only requires regular photographs and they can be mounted on construction paper or Bristol board or framed so it costs little to enter. Children have many categories to choose from. The recycling art is a challenge and is for both adults and children. Creative writing of both short stories and poetry is for children only. I am sure we have some writers in Tumbler Ridge. I know there are wine and beer makers and you only have to enter one bottle so why not join the fun.

For further information call Janet at 242-3915 or Ellen at 242-5283.