Red Ribbon Days

ENTRIES will be judged in the following DIVISIONS:

l Handicrafts

2Cooking and Preserving



5Recycle Art

Age Groups:

Junior- preschool to 16 years

Adult 17 years and older

A school work division has been included for any school age person.

Only one entry per class per exhibitor. (in Division One a single entry may include a set (e.g 4 place Mats)


Adults: $1.00 per entry for the first 4 entries, $5.00 maximum for 5 or more entries.

Juniors: $1.00 per entrant

RIBBONS will be awarded for first, second, and third place in each class. However, fewer ribbons may be awarded at the judges? discretion. The judges will also determine the Best Entry in each Division (Adults and Juniors) and the Best Entry in Show (Adults and Juniors). The Aggregate Winner for Adults and for Juniors will be determined on the basis of 3 points for a First Place, 2 for a Second, and 1 for a Third.


are available at the Community Centre Front Desk and at the Library.


Entries are to be delivered to Room 4 on Thursday, August 21 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and Entry Fees will be collected at this time.

No late entries will be accepted. Judging will take place at 7:00 p.m., Thursday.

Entries are to be left on display until 6:00 p.m. and picked up between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. August 22. If an entrant cannot pick up his/her entries at this time an alternate arrangement should be made. If a friend is to do the pick-up he/she must have written permission or claim check. The area is not be supervised after 7:00 p.m.


The Committee and the Community Centre will not be responsible for any losses or accidents to exhibits. Reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure their safety and volunteers will be present at all times during the show.


Section One: Quilts

101Quilt. Hand quilted. Twin size or larger

102Quilt. Machine quilted. Twin size or larger

103Quilt. Pieced and tied. Twin size or larger

104Quilt. Hand quilted. Lap size

105Quilt. Machine quilted. Lap size

Section Two: Quilting

110Baby quilt. Any technique

112Wall hanging

113Clothing, any article

114Decorative household item (place mats, tote bags, pillow, etc.)

Section Three: Knitting

120 Knitted Sweater or other clothing

121 Knitted baby set (bonnet & jacket)

122 Knitted socks, one pair

123 Knitted mittens, one pair

124 Novelty knitted item

125 Knitted Afghan

126 Scarf

127 Hat

128 Knitting Machine article of clothing

129Knitting machine afghan

130Knitted baby blanket

131Knitted child?s clothing

132Knit slippers

133Knit afghan

Section Four: Crocheting Class

130 Crocheted tablecloth

131 Crocheted afghan

132 Crocheted baby clothing, any article

133Crocheted baby blanket or shawl

134 Crocheted doily

135 Crocheted cushion

136 Crocheted clothing, wearable

137 Crocheted novelty item

138 Crocheted scarf

139Crocheted hat

Section Four: Crocheting

140Crocheted mitts

141Crocheted socks

142Crocheted child?s clothing

143Crocheted slippers

Section Five: Embroidery

140Cross stitch, trained

141Embroidery, any stitch other than cross stitch, framed

142Needlepoint, plastic canvas

143Finished needlework, any article not requiring a frame

144Haranguer embroidery

145 Tatting

146Brazilian embroidery

Section Six: Sewing

150Smocking, any garment

151Denim, any clothing article

152Tailored shirt, man?s or lady?s

153Place mats

154Child?s dress

155Lady?s dress

156Serged garment

157Sewn novelty item

Section Seven: Arts and Crafts

160Handmade rug, any material

161Designer?s class, any article, any medium, must be exhibitor?s original design

162Stained glass

163Woodwork, any item 164 Ceramics

165White wear, any item, finished 166 Pottery

167Handcrafted picture or wall hanging, any medium other than from

sections 2, 5 or 8

168Paper tole picture, framed

169Dressed doll, all clothing made by exhibitor

170Painting, watercolour

171Painting, oil

172Painting, acrylic

173Picture or sketch, any medium

174Picture, novelty item using an unusual medium

175Decorative painting

176Jewelry, any medium

Section Seven: Arts and Crafts

177Hobby collection, mounted display of 3 articles made by exhibitor all

using same technique, not to exceed 18″ by 24″

178Calligraphy, any item

179Dressed Fashion Doll

180Jewellery any medium ? necklace, earrings, bracelets, broaches/sets

Section Eight: Weaving

180Article of clothing

181Household item

182Wall hanging

183Other woven item

Section Nine: Holiday Craft- any holiday

190Wall decoration

191Table decoration

192Tree decoration

193Wreath, any medium

194Stocking, any medium


JI00?s Section one: Preschool

J 100Paper Plate Art

J 101Nature Art

J 102Rock Art

J 103Lego, An original design, mounted, max. size 18″w 18″1 x 16″h

J 104Picture: drawn, painted, construction paper, larger than 14″ x 14″

mounted for ease of display

1 105Fridge Magnet J106 Weaving

J 107Pottery/Sculpture

Section two: 6 to 8 years

J110Nature Art

J111Lego, an original design, mounted, max. size 18″wl8″ I x 16″h

J 112Picture, any medium, mounted for ease of display, max. size 14″ x 14″

J 113Fridge Magnet

J 114Sewing, any item


J 116Needlework

3117 Pottery/Sculpture


Section Three: 9 to 12 years

J 120Nature Art

J121Lego, original design, mounted, max. size 18″wl8″ 1 x 16″h

J 122Picture, any medium, mounted for ease of display, max. size 14″ x14″

J 123Photo, framed or mounted on card board for ease of display

J 124Sewing. any item

J 125Needlework, any stitch, any item J126 Pottery/Sculpture

J 127Wood Work

J128Wind Chime

J 129Holiday Decoration, any holiday, any technique

J130Calligraphy, any item

Section Four: 13 to 16 years

J 140Picture, any medium, mounted for ease of display, max. size 14″ x 14″

J 141Photo, framed or mounted on card board for ease of display

Adult Cooking and Preserving Division 200?s

Section One: Pastry – Pies and Tarts

200Lemon Meringue Pie

201Single pastry crust, cream filling (other than lemon)

202Single pastry crust, fruit filling

203Double pastry crust, fruit filling (not canned)

204Butter tails, no nuts, four

Section Two: Cakes

210Jelly Roll, any kind

211Cheesecake, baked, garnished

212Cake, pound, one loaf

213Cake, angel food, un-iced

214Cake, chocolate (only the cake will be judged)

215Best decorated cake

216Cake doughnuts, four

Section Three: Yeast bread and buns

220Bread, white, made from scratch, one loaf

221Bread, white, made in bread machine, one loaf

222Bread, whole wheat, made from scratch, one loaf

223Bread, whole wheat, made in bread machine, one loaf

277Pickled Eggs, one jar

Adult Cooking and Preserving Division 200?s

Section Eight: Wine and Beer

280Red wine, 2 bottles – from scratch

281White wine, 2 bottles – from scratch

282Beer, 2 bottles – from scratch

283Red wine, 2 bottles – from kit

284White wine, 2 bottles – from kit

285Beer, 2 bottles -from kit


Section One: 12 and Younger Class

J200Brownies, iced or not, four

J201Cake, any type, decorated

J202Bread, made in bread machine, one loaf

J203Rice Krispie Squares, four

J204Fudge, four pieces, plain

J205Cookies, any kind, four

J206Ethnic Entry, Baking from recipe handed down through the generations.

Must include country and a write-up about the person/s it was handed down from.

Section Two: 13 to 16 years

J210Chocolate Chip Cookies, four

J211Cookies, other than Chocolate Chip, four

J212Bread, any kind, one loaf

J213Apple Pie

J214Cake, any type, decorated

J215Squares, (except Brownies) any kind, four J216 Brownies, four

J217Ethnic Entry, Baking from recipe handed down through the generations. Must include country and a write-up about the person/s it was handed down from.

J218Cinnamon Buns. Four


Section One: Houseplants

300Houseplant, flowering variety

301Houseplant, non-flowering variety

302Cacti or succulents, 1 specimen

Section Two: Patio planters, must be planted by Exhibitor

310Hanging outdoor patio planter, any type

311Outdoor patio planter, container not to exceed 18″ in any direction

312Outdoor patio planter, container not to exceed 24″ in diameter, any height Section Three: Fruit

320Raspberries, not hulled. 12

321Strawberries, not hulled, 6

322Rhubarb, leaves on, 4 stalks, tied together

323Crabapples, 4 stems on

Section Four: Vegetables

330 Vegetables

282Beans, 6 pods 283Beets, 3 roots

284Broccoli, 1 head

285Cabbage, 1 head

287Cauliflower. 1 head

288Cucumbers. 2 fruit

289Garlic, 2 bulbs

290Lettuce, one head

291Onion from seed, 3 bulbs

292Onion from set, 3 bulbs

293Peas, 3 pods

294Peppers, 1 fruit

295Potatoes. 3 tubers

296Tomatoes, cherry 3 fruit

297Tomatoes, full size 3 fruit

298Turnips, 2 roots

299Zucchini, I fruit

331The Salad Bowl, display of at least 5 varieties of salad vegetables from exhibitor?s garden, tastefully arranged in suitable container not to exceed 18″ in diameter. Judged on quality, freshness, and attractiveness. Vegetables not cut up.

332Collection of fresh culinary herbs, not less than 5. Named, grown by exhibitor.

333Unique Vegetable (unusual size, shape, or variety) 1 only


Section Five: Flowers and Arrangements

340Centre piece ?Elegant Dinner Table?, viewed from all sides

341A flower arrangement of fresh garden flowers and local foliage in an unusual container

342Basket, with handle, any size, with fresh garden or wild flowers and local foliage. Flowers and/or foliage may extend beyond the handle.

343An arrangement of wild flowers, grasses, and/or foliage in a suitable container

344Cacti and/or succulents, 3 or more growing specimens in one


345A monochromatic arrangement (shades and tints of one colour) of living material including foliage.

346A dried arrangement

347Miniature arrangement, not to exceed 5″ across or high. Fresh materials only.

348?Tea Time? a fresh floral arrangement in an upright teacup on its saucer.

349Sweet Peas, 6 spikes

350Pansy, 4 blooms

351Marigolds, 3 blooms

352Petunia, single 3 blooms

353Petunia, double 3 blooms

354Petunia, wave, 3 branches

355Dahlia, I bloom

356Asters, 3 blooms

357Lily, I stem


Section One – 7 years and younger

J310Mud Pies (decorated with seeeds, dried flowers, shells etc. on a plate not larger than 7? across.

J311Collection of flowers, 6 kinds, wild and/or garden

J312Fresh floral arrangement in unusual container

J313One sculptured vegetable.

Section Two: 8 to 12 years

J320House plant or dish garden, cared for by exhibitor

J321Collection of wild flowers, four kinds, named

J322Collection of garden flowers, four kinds, named.

J323One sculptured vegetable


Section Three: 13 to 16 years

J330Collection of wild flowers, five kinds, named

J331Collection of garden flowers, five kinds named

J332Miniature arrangement of dried materials, not to exceed 6? in any direction

J333Conversation piece, an arrangement causing comment, use of driftwood, local

Dried or fresh flowers, ferns rocks, etc

J334Houseplant or terrarium

J335One sculptured vegetable


To protect photographs please frame or mount.

400One scenic photograph

401One photograph of wild animals

402One photograph of farm animals or pets

403One photograph of a bird or birds

404One photograph of a flower or flowers

405One photograph of a person or of people

406One photograph of a rainbow, storm, northern lights, sunrise, sunset, etc.

407A black and white photograph

408A panoramic photograph

J413One photograph of flowers

J414One photograph of machinery

J415One photograph of a person or people


J420One scenic photograph

J421One photograph of wild animals

J422One photograph of farm animals or pets

J423One photograph of birds and/or flowers

J424One photograph of a person or people

J425One panoramic picture

J426One sky picture–clouds, sunrise, northern lights, rainbow etc.


All entries in these classes are to be made with materials from items generally thrown away. Please list materials used.

500An article of clothing.

501A household item made from textiles–place mats, rugs, quilts

502A functional item made from non-textile material–plastic etc.

503A decorative item made from textiles.

504A decorative item made from non-textile material


Entries in this category are to be an article or articles made from something that would usually be thrown away. Please list items. Try to use more than 50 percent recycled items for your original creation.

Section One: 7 and under Class

J500Functional item

J501Decorative item

Section Two: Ages 8 to 12 Class

J510A functional (useful) item

J511A decorative item


J520A functional article made from reused textiles

J521A functional article made from material other than textiles e.g. plastic

J522A decorative item made from reused textiles

J523A functional item made from non-textiles e.g.plastic

SCHOOL WORK Division J6–600?S

J600Creative Writing

Students must stay on topic and stay within the 500 word maximum. Please double space all work and print on one side of the paper only. Entries for K-3 must be hand printed, 4-12 may be typewritten or hand written. ORIGINAL STORY:

600Kindergarten601 Grade 1 602 Grade 2

603 Grade 3 604 Grade 4605Grade 5

606Grade 6607 Grade 7608Grade 8

609Grade 9610 Grade 10611Grade 11

612Grade 12

J640 Original Poem

640 Kindergarten641 Grade 1-4 – 8 lines

642 Grade 2 -4 – 8 lines643 Grade 3 -6 – 12 lines

644 Grade 4 -6 – 12 lines645 Grade 5 -8 – 16 lines

646 Grade 6 -8 – 16 lines647 Grade 7 -8 – 16 lines

648 Grade 8 -8 – 16 lines649 Grade 9 -8 – 16 lines

650 Grade 10 -8 minimum