Reflections on being “Green”

Greener in Tumbler Ridge? Only a few years ago, in Ontario, one had to go to the dump to take one?s garbage. Then in the mid-90s the township decided to add a charge to the taxes and there would be pick up. At the same time there was a charge for dumping at the ?dump? ? landfill site. As a result, you could enjoy sitting on a sofa in the ditch of the back roads enjoying nature or you could have a sleep on one of the mattresses in the ditch.

This was a new type of ?dump.?

On the road down from our lane way one day were three garbage bags. I called for pick up because normally the trucks would not pick up except at a driveway. Well, believe it or not, our neighbour was curious and discovered there were three bags of marijuana. You never know what will be in those green bags.

The City of Mississauga was so proud of its budget being balanced. Well, the city happened to have the biggest dump where Toronto dumped as well.

Do you believe the elected officials in a city? They say they oppose all that garbage and are all for recycling. In the meantime, their budgets rely on the tipping fees at the landfill site.

Greener became important so there were blue boxes, green boxes and grey boxes. The only thing is that the blue boxes cost a lot of money to collect and without businesses who would do the recycling the recycling materials, mainly newspapers and bottles, went into the regular landfill.

These dumps are stinky and the garbage is covered with dirt only to become a ski hill when the dump is closed. Seagulls love dumps. Even in California the transfer stations charge and they stink.

So, the Tumbler Ridge Mall (our transfer station for those new residents who haven?t heard this term) is the best that most people will ever experience.

The town should provide tours of their ?dump? which is so organized and so clean that I am sure rates number one in the world.

No blue, green or grey boxes for us. We have the opportunity to recycle using the bins in the Shop Easy parking lot. This is not only convenient but cost effective. You can find parts to your appliances and topsoil from the composted pile. No charge to go to the transfer station is also a treat. We certainly do our part in making the planet greener.