Reflections: Zoom Zoom!

George Rowe


In a previous Reflections article I talked about my wife picking me up in a 1964 Ford Fairlane and thus began life’s adventure for a school teacher and a clerk way back in the late 60’s. The first time I got into her car I almost immediately fell in love with her but definitely fell in love with the Fairlane.

I loved the display of lights in the dash, the brilliance of an Aqua Blue, the sound of a V-8 engine and the comfort of plush seats.  My love for the Ford grew exponentially as I began to understand and appreciate the functionality of steel, tin, plastic and fabric moving on four wheels at 80 mph.  I learned the difference between a standard and an automatic. I got used to such terms as clutch, transmission, RPM’s, tire and oil pressure; the difference between a V-8 and a slant-6 and what horsepower meant in relation to a car engine—horsepower had nothing to do with saddles or ranching. I loved the way Sheila could handle the gear-shift, clutch, gas pedal and at the same time perform with a level of professionalism that mesmerized me.

Every time I sat in the passenger’s seat I carefully and meticulously studied the dash and the functionality of multiple gages.  I couldn’t wait for the driver to turn the ignition key, take control of the gear-shift and clutch and smoothly drift from neutral to first to second and then the gear of speed—third gear.

Zoom!  Zoom! Yes, I wanted to do what Sheila was doing.  While my exponential love for the car and the prospect of driving continued to grow our love for each other, passenger and driver, was also blossoming into perfumed fragrances of giddiness. Sooner or later I was going to pop the earth shattering question but not until I was given the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and drive as Sheila drove—with precision and professionalism.

In those days it really didn’t matter who popped the BIG question as long as the mutual understanding was, “Yes!  I will marry you.”  I knew we were at a point in our relationship where mountains would move, the ocean would become silent and stars would be shining at mid-day with the inevitable question and the immediate and expected response.

The night of the BIG question was about to be written in the annals of history as recorded by the goddess of love. It was perfect!  The stars were shining and with the fullness and the brilliance of a full moon I swear I heard the distant sounds of howling wolves—really distant because there were no wolves in NL at that time.

Parked in a secluded area of utmost privacy the driver of this wonderful 1964 Ford Fairlane was about to seduce me.  My mental and moral and physical defenses were activated in an instant but an instant was not fast enough for this stock car racing driver. She was about to make her move on the inside knowing that the finish line was coming into focus.

With a great display of boldness and brashness she was now reaching from the driver’s seat to that of the passenger’s seat and literally pulling me in her direction I found myself in the arms of this very forward woman. My heart was pounding. I can’t remember if my blood pressure was up or down and to be honest I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the earth shattering question.  Everything was a blur and putting her sensual lips next to my left ear she whispered ohhhhh so slowly, “George, would you like to drive my 1964 Ford Fairlane?” Suddenly my left ear was no longer sensitive—it was completely frozen.  The car was suddenly filled with a frost fog that beclouded everything to the point where visibility was zero. I slowly shook my head to make sure it was still on my shoulders and finally refocusing I swear to this day her lips were still moving in slow motion, “George, would you like to drive my 1964 Ford Fairlane?”  I am now fully awake and somewhat alert.

The silence was loud and thunderous! The longevity of the moment seemed endless. From the distant sound of the sensual question still bouncing around in my head and trying to clear the fogginess of my mind I simply looked, not at her but in her direction, and responded with a one word question/explanation. “What!?!?!?”  Knowing I caught her off guard I retorted, “Could you please repeat the question and this time instead of breathing sensuously into my left ear, try looking me straight in the eye so that I will not lose the significance and the intimacy of the question.”

Her immediate body language was so loud it could be heard from distant stars. I knew it was within me to turn this icy moment from becoming a permanent ice-cube into molten lava of indescribable love that would last ’til death do us part. To salvage the moment I then pulled her into my arms and putting my lips close to her right ear I carefully, slowly and sensuously spoke, “Yes!  Yes!” and as if trying to comfort a child following a nightmare I continued, “I would love to drive your 1964 Ford Fairlane.”  Pulling myself away from her she looked at me a little cockeyed and said, “Sweetheart, the next BIG question I expect you to ask it.”

Next week: that darn clutch. In the meantime keep your head up and remember that the sun is always shining.