Regular Meeting of Council

Present: Mayor Iles, Councillor Kirby, Councillor Colledge, Councillor Steele, Councillor McPherson. 1. Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM. 2. Adendum to the agenda approved. 3. a) Minutes Approved for January 17, 2005.

Please Note: Official council notes are available at Town Hall and from the District website.

4. a) Victoria City Council, Re: Welfare Legislation. Victoria City Council is calling on the provincial government to change the Employment and Assistance Act to ensure welfare benefits meet the basic needs of individuals and families. (Information)

b) City of North Vancouver, Re: Possible Loss of Film Industry to British Columbia. The provinces of Ontario and Quebec have recently announced that they will increase the tax credit for foreign and domestic film companies. A resolution that the City of North Vancouver urge the provincial government to call an emergency meeting of the legislature to deal with this issue. Councillor Kirby asked that a letter of support be sent.

c) City of Quesnel re: 2005 FCM Conference. Resolution requesting that areas devastated by the Mountain Pine Beetle get assistance from the federal and provincial governments to help with recreating their economies by supporting pine beetle trust funds. Councillor Steel asked that a letter of support be sent.

d) City of Prince George re: Cancer Clinic. The City of Prince George requests support in the establishment of a cancer clinic in Prince George. Councillor Colledge asked that support be given to this project. All in favor.

e) Tumbler Ridge Hospice and Palliative Care is asking for a Councillor be appointed as Council Liason to the Advisory board. Councillor McPherson asked that Councillor Colledge be appointed. The Mayor asked for Council?s support in the appointment of Colledge. Request resolution within two weeks.

6. Chief Administrative Officer?s Report accepted for information.

7.Councillor Business:

Councillor Colledge attended budget meetings. Colledge would like to see Ben Kostamo invited to the next COW. Colledge attended the Blair Lekstrom Open House and the Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Councillor McPherson attended a couple of Chamber meetings. The Chamber has written a letter to CMHC regarding the red flag that has been placed on Tumbler Ridge houses. McPherson also attended the Open House.

Councillor Kirby attended the Museum Foundation Board Meeting. Attended the Open House, Junior Rangers and Chamber meeting. Attended a meeting regarding Community Forests, this is looking positive for Tumbler Ridge. Councillor Steele attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting. There has been very few people attending the budget meetings which seems to show a high level of trust. Western Canadian Coal has hired 21 local people. Would like to ensure as it grows that local people are being hired. Iles said that there is currently a meeting being planned with WCC.

Mayor Iles attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting. Met with the palliative care people regarding the appointment of a Councillor to the advisory board. Attended the Blair Lekstrom open house, the opening of the BC Winter Games, and a Fair Share meeting. Congratulations to the Pee Wee Hockey team on their fine showing at the Winter Games and to Janeth Strang on her silver medal win.

8.New Business a) Motion that Peter Thomas be appointed as the principal representative to the Peace River Regional District?s Advisory Regional Recreation Commission for a two-year term and that a Council member be appointed as an alternate. Passed

b) Motion that Council direct staff to apply for a ?Celebrate Canada? program grant to help offset the cost of the 2005 Tumbler Ridge ?Celebrate Canada? day festivities. Passed.

c) Motion that Mayor and Council support the proposed Monkman Pass Hiking Trail project and indicate so in writing.

d) Motion made that Council grant a fee waiver o $207.90 +GST to cover the cost of the room rental for the tsunami relief benefit concert and silent auction on January 15, and that this money come out of the Council grant account. Motion passed.

e) Motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $280.15 +GST to cover the cost of the room and equipment rentals for the TR Community Arts Council for their Winterfest program on February 12, 2005, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account.

f) Motion that Council approve travel expenses for the Mayor to attend the Municipal Finance Authority Financial Forum and Annual General Meeting in Vancouver from March 23-24, 2005. Passed.

g) Motion that Council support the City of Dawson Creek?s request for the joint submission for the 2008 BC Summer Games and the 2010 BC @inter Games and agree in principle to funding and facility requirements as needed. Passed

h) Schedule of meetings

9. Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 (1) (c) of the Community Charter to discuss a personnel issue.