Regular Meeting of Council

Present: Mayor Iles, Councillors Kirby, Colledge, Steele, McPherson, and Way Absent: Councillor Younge

Official Council notes are available at Town Hall or on the District website.

1. Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2. Addendum to the agenda approved.

3. a) Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of February 7, 2005.

Petitions and Delegations

a) Cpl. Kurt Peats, RCMP Quarterly report.

4. Correspondence

a) A letter from Northern Lights College offering a new option to potential supporters of Dino Camp. For a $1000 commitment, an organization can sponsor one 5-day camp, which will bear the name of the organization. The District of Tumbler Ridge is being asked if they would like to sponsor a camp. Received for discussion. Councillor Kirby said that he thinks that Council should look at doing this. Councillor Colledge agrees as does Mayor Iles. A motion was made to spend $1000 to sponsor a Dino Camp. Councillor Steele opposed.

b) The City of Quesnel asking every municipality to write David Emerson, Federal Minister of Industry, to come and see the damage done by the Pine beetle. Received for Information

5. Staff Reports:

Motions were made to accept the following staff reports: Chief Administrative Officer?s Report, February 21, 2005 as presented.

b) Accounts Payable Report, January 2005 in the amount of $428,779.06

c) Fire Department Report for January, 2005.

d) Public Works Department Report for January 2005 and Building Permits Quarterly Report.

e) Community Services report for January 2005 and

f) Economic Development Report for January 2005.

6. Councillors? Business:

Councillor Colledge:

Attended budget meetings, met with TR Cares and attended a TRUC meeting. Attended the opening of the Art Gallery and Winterfest. Attended UNBC meeting in Fort St. John to discuss a campus opening in 2007-2008. Met with MLA Lekstrom and Minister Thorpe.

Councillor McPherson:

attended many of the same meetings as Councillor Colledge.

Councillor Kirby:

Attended the Gallery opening and the Winterfest parade. Asked to have the staff send a letter to David Emerson in support of Quesnel?s letter.

Councillor Way:

Attended a Library Board meeting, school leadership meeting and Winter Carnival. Met with MLA Lekstrom and Minister Thorpe. Met with School Board Trustee Betty Gurnsey.

Councillor Steele:

Attended the meeting with Western Canadian Coal.

Mayor Iles:

Spoke with CMHC regarding mortgages in Tumbler Ridge. They are in the last phase of doing what needs to be done before making a presentation to Council. Attended Winterfest ceremonies. Met with Minister Thorpe and MLA Lekstrom and spoke about fixing up the Kinuseo Falls road. Met with the Youth Leadership group. Received a wonderful invitation to speak in Beijing, China about the coal industry and what it means to Tumbler Ridge. Previous commitments will prevent Iles from accepting.

8. New Business

a)Motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $26.40 +GST to cover the cost of the room rental for the TR Citizens on Patrol for their meeting on February 23, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account. Approved.

b) Motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $112.20 +GST to cover the cost of the room rentals for the TR Hospice Palliative Care organization for their community counseling program on March 11,12,19 and April 16, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account. Approved.

c)Mayor and Council move that TR Days Society be granted the exclusive use of the Tumbler Ridge Secondary School field for the purpose of holding the Grizfest Music Festival on July 30-31; and the use of portable toilets and maintenance during the festival and the use of the stage and shelter; and the use of fencing and labor to put fencing up; and to have vendors on District property and covered under the Grizfest business license; and that TR Days Society be granted the use of District labor and resources in coordination of the event and that TR Days Society be permitted to host two beer gardens for Grizfest, on July 30-31 on the Grizfest Grounds. Councillor McPherson would like to see a total cost breakdown on the District?s costs.

d)Motion made that Council rescind the existing ADMIN-16 Policy in its entirety and adopt the new ADMIN-16 Absentee Call in Policy as presented.

e)Motion that Council approve the following amended policies, TR 10, PERS 5, PERS 12, PERS 14, ADMIN 28, ADMIN 7 ADMIN 14, ADMIN 25, ADMIN 29, ADMIN 31, ADMIN 35, ADMIN 42, MISC 3 and rescind the following policies, PERS 9, ADMIN 3, ADMIN 10, ADMIN 13, ADMIN 36. Approved

f)Motion that Council approve the 2005 Council Portfolio Appointments. Passed

g)Motion that Council approve travel and conference expenses for Mayor Iles to attend the BC Chamber Oil and Gas Summit in Victoria from February 28-March 1, 2005. Passed

h)Schedule of meetings

9. Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 (1) (e) of the Community Charter to discuss a land issue.