Regular Meeting of Council

March 7, 2005 Present: Mayor Iles, Councillors Kirby, Colledge, Steele, McPherson, and Way. Absent: Councillor Younge.

Official council notes may be obtained from the District website, and from Town Hall.

Mayor Iles asked for a minute of silence to remember the four RCMP officers who were killed in Mayerthorpe, AB.

1. Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2. a) Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of February 21, 2005 b) Minutes approved for the Budget Meetings of January 24th, January 26th, February 8th, and February 15th, 2005.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes-None

4. Correspondence

a) A letter from the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Re: Plan to Address Pine Beetle Epidemic.

The Chamber asked Council to have a professional survey completed by a Forester to develop a plan of action to address the hazards created by the pine beetle. This was received for discussion. Councillor McPherson said that after reading this letter he doesn?t feel that the Chamber of Commerce understands that Council has been working on this problem for a long time and that Council is doing all they can. Councillor Steele agreed with Councillor McPherson and would like Council to respond to the letter. Councillor Kirby asked if there had been any follow up with Bill Edwards after his presentation at the Committee of the Whole meeting last week. Mayor Iles commented that he had spoken with Bill Edwards and would like to see everyone continuing to work together on this. Councillor McPherson made a motion to send a letter to the Chamber of Commerce.

b) Council received a letter from the Volunteer Chair Sports of the Northern BC Winter Games,

Shaely Endicott in regards to the Ice Dogs Pee Wee Hockey Team. Councillor McPherson asked that this letter be published in the local paper.

c) A letter from the Tumbler Ridge Leadership Council extending appreciation for the generous donation of two Prairie Oyster concert tickets, used to raise money for the Leadership Conference. The tickets were the grand prize in a raffle raising $265.00.

5. Staff Reports:

Motions were made to accept the following staff reports: a) Motion to accept the Chief Administrative Officer?s Report, March 7, 2005 as presented

6. Councillors? Business:

Councillor Colledge:

Attended the Emergency Operations Centre Level 2 training in Fort St John. She realized that we have a long way to go but have made strides towards overall preparedness in Tumbler Ridge. Attended a COPS meeting. Cpl. Peats made a presentation on several programs he would like to see worked in conjunction with the COPS group. Met with the superintendent from BC Ambulance to discuss the air ambulance situation.

Councillor McPherson:

Attended the Fairshare meeting. Received a letter saying that our highway will be upgraded. Would like to have a letter of thanks sent to Dave Duncan.

Councillor Kirby:

Would like Council to go over the reasons given why the air ambulance couldn?t land. Attended a Community forest meeting with EDO Ray Proulx, Larry White and Harry Prosser. 2010 presentation, with Ian Tate to discuss how to attract athletes to train in Tumbler Ridge. The dentist declined the offer that Tumbler Ridge had put forward.

Councillor Way:

Attended the Fairshare meeting, and the 2010 presentation with Ian Tate.

Councillor Steele:

Attended the Fairshare meeting and a Golf Course meeting. Steele mentioned the Dave Duscharme Memorial Tournament which took place in Tumbler Ridge. Thanks toe Cpl. Peats for keeping Council up to speed on things that are happening.

Mayor Iles:

Met with Dean Johnson from J8 about development in this community. Met with Bill Edwards to talk about the Pine beetle. Tumbler Ridge did very well with the Fairshare, there will be more information coming out on this soon.

8. New Business

a)Motion that Council approve advertising of all District lots for sale at the current year?s tax assessed value. A list of lots is available. Approved.

b) Council discussed who would attend the NCMA annual general meeting and conference in Terrace from May 4-7,2005. Councillors Steele, Colledge, Way and Mayor Iles all expressed interest.

c) Motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $131.50 +GST to cover the cost of the ice and equipment rentals for the TR Figure Skating Club for their year end skate show on March 17, 2005, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account.

d) Recommendation that Council allow the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation the use of a portion of the rescan parking lot on April 30, 2005 and direct the Public Works department to leave barricades at the caboose so that the organizers can barricade off the auction area and if the weather does not cooperate that Council grant a fee waiver of $198.00 plus GST to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation for the use of the Curling Rink for the auction.

e)Motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $33.00 +GST to cover the cost of the room rental of meeting room 5 on March 16 for the RCMP Crime statistics presentation, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account.

9. Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 (1) (e) of the Community Charter to discuss two land issues.