Regular Meeting of Council

2. Adoption of Minutes of the Regular Meeting March 7, 2005

3. Business Arising from the Minutes: None

4. Correspondence:

a) Salvation Army Dawson Creek Corps Re: Support Letter to Purchase a local emergency disaster vehicle.

The Salvation Army in Dawson Creek is calling on communities to provide letters of support in order to raise the necessary funds to purchase an Emergency Disaster Services vehicle for Dawson Creek to serve northern British Columbia. Council will support the initiative.

b) Citizens on Patrol,

thanked Council for the fee waiver for the use of Room 4 in the Community Centre.

c) PRRDY Waste Reduction Challenge.

The Waste Reduction Office is encouraging all municipalities in the Peace River Regional District to participate in the Waste Reduction Challenge. The challenge is a three-tier challenge to: Increase recycling rate by 10% in 2005, Decrease disposal rate by 10% in 2006 and decrease disposal rate by another 15% in 2007. This will be based on the 2004 rate. 121.5 tonnes were recycled in Tumbler Ridge in 2004.

5. Staff Reports:

Motions were made to accept the following staff reports:

a) Chief Administrative Officer?s Report

b) Accounts Payable Report in the amount of $463,984.15

c) Fire Department Report

d) Public Works Department Report

e) Community Services report and

f) Economic Development Report.

6. Bylaws: a) Bylaw 493, 2005, ?Land Use Amendment Bylaw?. The purpose being for Council to consider an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw, rezoning application from Rural Resource RR1 to Rural residential-R4.

The District of Tumbler Ridge received an application from Don McPherson to rezone DL 4107 to allow for the construction of a single family dwelling on a parcel of land that he recently purchased from the Crown. This was the first reading.

b) Bylaw 494, to rezone lot R, Plan 28107 except plan 29856, DL 3164.

For Council to consider an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw, rezoning application from Residential Multi-family RC to Commercial Core-C1. The District of Tumbler Ridge received an application to rezone the subject property from 678529 British Columbia Ltd. represented by Peter Thompson.

The rezoning would allow for the use of the two apartment buildings on site for accommodation purposes with the addition of a temporary kitchen facility. Changing the subject property to C1 would allow the property to house any of the businesses that you would typically see in the downtown core. The addition of commercial enterprise in this area would likely result in an increased volume of traffic due to possible increased density of residents as well as staff and kitchen facility deliveries. The rezoning proposal as it has been presented would vary temporarily from the intent of the submission that was received for strata conversion purposes. The property as it exists, already offers this company considerable latitude in housing industrial workers; where it varies is the addition of the kitchen facility. Council is asking for additional information from the applicant, therefore this item was tabled until the information is obtained.

7. Councillors Business;

Councillor Kirby

attended the Chamber of Commerce Open House. Met with representatives from Western Canadian Coal. Took part in the conference call with CMHC.

Councillor Colledge:

received some information on the 4 million dollars in funding (Health) that will be coming into the north for transportation of patients. A plan is being developed on how to disperse these funds. Attended the following meetings: Disaster Emergency Service, the Tumbler Ridge Umbrella Committee, Hospice Palliative Care, Budget Open House, Tumbler Ridge CARES AGM, and RCMP Open House.

Councillor Way

attended the Budget Open House and Community Forest Announcement. Attended the library board meeting, youth leadership meeting, RCMP meeting and the Figure Skating Carnival.

Councillor McPherson: Attended the CMHC conference call, and the Chamber of Commerce meeting. The Chamber wants to invite all the Provincial candidates to Tumbler Ridge.

McPherson questioned what constitutes being a Councillor, and carrying out of duties when a Councillor is unavailable.

Councillor Steele

attended the golf course meeting. There seems to be good direction this year and the staff and board are very organized. Met with Western Canadian Coal. Discussed where WCC is heading, hiring of local people, and local training through Northern Lights College.

8. New Business:

a) Application from Wolverine, Nordic and Mountain Society ? motion for Council to grant a fee waiver(s) of $59.40 for rental of Rooms 4 and 5 on August 5; $75 for pool passes; and $200 for outhouse rentals, total $334.40 + GST, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account.

Councillor McPherson said that he doesn?t have a problem granting the room rental but would like to make an amendment not to include the pool passes in this motion. Motion made with this amendment.

Motion with amendment passed, Councillor Way opposed.

b) Public Works

has applied for funding under the BC Community Water Improvement program?, which will finance two-thirds of the cost of projects to improve water and waste water management. This is a pilot program for installation of water meters in commercial and some residential buildings. The District share of would be an estimated $8,000. Motion made to apply to the B.C. Community Water Improvement Program for a water meter pilot project under the ?British Columbia Water Improvement Program.?

c) Tumbler Ridge Bantam Flyers

are requesting the use of the original Tumbler Ridge logo to put on their team jackets. Motion that Council grant the use of the original logo to the Bantam Flyers Hockey Team. Councillor Colledge asked if the club is asking to use the old logo? Councillor Way asked why they aren?t requesting the new logo. Nigel Black commented that this isn?t specifically a District Team. Councillor Steele said that previously the team had the logo printed onto their hoodies, so this is just being consistent. Motion passed, Councillor Kirby opposed .

d) Schedule of meetings

10. Closed Meeting Items:

Motion that Council resolve to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 (1) (e) of the Community Charter to discuss two land issues.