Regular Meeting of Council

June 8, 2005 – Present: Acting Mayor Colledge, Councillor Kirby, Councillor McPherson, Councillor Way, Councillor Steele – Absent: Councillor Younge, Mayor Iles.

1.Acting Mayor Colledge called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2.Chief Administrative Officer: Oath of Office Jack Mussallem

3.Adoption of Minutes

a)Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of May 16.

b)Minutes of the Special Meeting of May 24th, 2005

c)Minutes of the Special Meeting of May 30th, 2005

4.Business Arising from the Minutes: None

5.Petitions and Delegations:

Ray Proulx, Economic Development Officer Re: ?Be a Tourist in your own Town Week?- proclamation. Be A Tourist In Your Own Town is a collection of events designed to encourage us to explore our own community and celebrate what makes living here so special. This year?s events are being used to showcase Tumbler Ridge for our regional neighbours and anyone else who happens to be traveling through the area. Proclamation made.


a) Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary School, Re: Road Closure request A letter from Fred Walkley, who is a teacher at TRSS. Walkley?s woods class has been making soapbox type racers. In order to race them, Walkley would like to request a temporary closure of a portion of the road from the corner of Front Street and Southgate to the Tumbler Ridge Secondary School entrance. The race would take place in the form of a derby which would involve teams and relays. There is a spectator friendly viewing area along the health centre side of the road where anyone is welcome to come and watch. Discussion: Councillor Steele said that Walkley?s class went to Chetwynd and placed first in the race there. ?Fred is doing great things with the students.? Request granted.

7. Councillors Business:

Councillor Steele is taking part in weekly meetings with the golf course to track finances. This has been a very positive endeavor. Happy to see the new signs up in town, they look really good.

Councillor McPherson Received a copy of a letter from Luke Bray asking about a ramp which would be placed in the Rec Centre. Would like to see this brought up at COW. The roads in town are in really good shape but the bypass road is not in good shape, would like a letter sent to see if this can be dealt with.

Councillor Way just returned from Newfoundland. The conference was very large and well run. Will do up a report for Council. Congratulations to Councillor Steel and his wife for all of the work they put into making a successfull Ducks Unlimited dinner.

Councillor Kirby attended the convention in Newfoundland and will do up a report. Attended a West Fraser meeting in Dawson Creek. Went to a community forest meeting. Had a meeting with EDO, Harry Prosser and Pam Willis to discuss Community Forests. Went on a day trip with Larry White and MOF to look at the creeks that are being affected by logging.

Councillor Colledge on behalf of Council and staff would like to welcome the new CAO. Would also like to send get well wishes to Councillor Younge. Attended regular meetings of TR Cares, TRUC and ESS (Emergency Social Services). Would like to bring to Councils attention the ESS North East Regional Meeting, Seminar and Training that is coming up June 25-26 in Tumbler Ridge. Those interested in getting involved with this group are invited to attend.

Attended a Regional Advisory committee meeting on behalf of Mayor Iles in Moberly Lake dealing with the $20 million fund. Funding for communities will come from the interest which is projected to be in the $400,000 per year range.

Attended the Skatepark open house.

The Tumbler Ridge Youth Society AGM was held on Saturday. A new board was elected and plans were put in place for the new year.

Would like to bring the issue of trucks parking in the Visitor Information booth parking lot to the next COW meeting. On June 23 there is a media tour coming to Tumbler Ridge. This is a great opportunity to showcase our community.

8. New Business:

a) Grizfest Music Festival has been steadily growing each year and the need for overflow camping and reserved space is needed to ensure the success of this project. A motion was made that Mayor and Council give direction to Public Works and the Campground Operator to work cooperatively together in preparing overflow campground facilities as needed for the weekend of the Grizfest Music festival, and that direction be given to the campground operator to work with the Grizfest coordinator in putting procedures in place to reserve campground sites with the use of Tumbler Ridge Days Society VISA. Motion carried.

b) Motion made that the District of Tumbler Ridge join the 2010 challenge and work with the Provincial Government and Legacies Now to help meet the target of increasing activity amongst its citizens by 20% by the year 2010. Motion carried.

c) Motion made that Mayor and Council provide the direction for EDO Ray Proulx, and Director of Community Services Peter Thomas to engage the services of Schick Shiner and Associates for the purpose of completing the feasibility process required to advance the proposed conference/performing arts centre project. Motion carried.

d) With the arrival of the new Chief Administrative Officer we need to revise the bank signing authorities to include Jack Mussallem and delete Nigel Black. Motion made that Mayor Iles or Councillor Colledge or Councillor McPherson or Councillor Steele or Councillor Way or Councillor Younge or Councillor Kirby with one of Jack Mussallem, Chief Administrative Officer, or Kim Isaak, Clerk Deputy Administrator or Clark Hazlehurst, Operations Manager, or Peter Thomas, Director of Community Services BE AUTHORIZED as signing authorities for the District Bank Accounts, Promissory Notes or other banking instruments until further notice and that any two of Jack Mussallem Chief Administrative Officer, or Kim Isaak, Clerk Deputy Administrator or Clark Hazlehurst, Operations Manager, or Peter Thomas, Director of Community Services, be authorized to sign banking instruments valued at $3000.00 or less.

e)Motion made that the District of Tumbler Ridge enter into an agreement with Newline Skateparks to build a Skateboard Park at the corner of Northgate and Monkman Way, within the 2005 capital budgeted amount of not more than $266,000. A public meeting was held for the Skateboard Park on June 1st. Issues that were brought up were as follows:

Will the forested area beside the tennis courts be removed to accommodate the park? Answer: No

Will lights be put in for the park?

Answer No.

Will the pathway dissecting the greenspace be affected?

Answer: The pathway will remain; the skating area will be juxtaposed to it.

Were other locations considered?

Answer: Yes but this one was chosen for its high profile, cost effectiveness and natural contours. Motion carried.

f) Motion that Council approve travel expenses for Mayor Iles or his designate to attend the Oil and Gas Service Sector Tradeshow in Calgary on June 27, 2005 and in Nisku on June 29, 2005. Motion carried.

g) CMHC is in the takedown process of the Tumbler Ridge Cooperative Housing. CMHC has hired a property manager to look after the units at this time but will be proceeding with the take down process by July 14, 2005. Mayor Iles has expressed his concern over the loss of low-income housing in the community and has asked that we research options to try to retain the affordable housing availability within the community. CMHC has expressed that if the project were to be taken over by any group of organization that it would be operated under the same conditions as the current project. Additionally the assuming party would assume the debts and liabilities of the current co-operative. Motion that Council direct staff to seek expressions of interest on the project by placing a notice in the newspaper for a two week period. Carried.

8. Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 (1) (c) and (e) of the Community Charter to discuss several land issues and a legal issue.