Regular Meeting of Council

Present: Mayor Iles, Councillor Kirby, Councillor Way, Councillor Younge Absent: Councillor Colledge

1. Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2. a) Oath of Office Director of Community Services- Peter Thomas

b) Oath of Office Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer- Dan Golob

3. a) Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of August 15, 2005.

4. Petitions and Delegations.

5. Correspondence:

a) Hope and District Ratepayers? Assoc, Re: Gas and Diesel Pricing Petition. This letter is asking Council to make copies of this petition and circulate them throughout the area. It is hoped that many will be returned by the time the BC Legislature opens in September. Their goal is to CAP gas and diesel prices at the pumps- ie: $0.75 litre. This petition has been sent to all federal and provincial constituencies. Motion made that Council sign the petition and forward to addresses listed. Opposed: Councillor Way

b) District of Port Moody, Re: Insurance Premium Tax Resolution asking that Council lobby their local MLA and the Premier. The Resolutions concern an Insurance Premium Tax of 4.4% which Port Moody City Council points out, was originally levied to offset costs of providing fire protection services by some local governments. The further concern is that the Insurance Premium Tax is levied and collected by the Government of BC and is treated as General Revenue and not used for the purpose intended. The City of Port Moody believes the money should be given to local governments who provide fire protection services. Motion to write a letter of support.

6. Staff Reports: Motions were made to accept the following staff reports:

a) Motion to accept the Chief Administrative Officer?s Report, August 8, 2005 as presented.

b) Chief Administrative Officer?s Report, August 15, 2005 as presented.

c) Chief Administrative Officer?s Report, August 22, 2005 as presented.

7. Bylaw 503, ?District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw to Amend Fees Contained in the Building Bylaw No. 426, 1999.? Final Reading. This bylaw is increasing the moving and demolition permit fees of a building in Tumbler Ridge. Currently a permit to move a building within the District costs $30. That will be raised to $65. Moving a building into Tumbler Ridge will be raised from $20 to $65 and moving a building out of Tumbler Ridge will go from $20 to $45

8. Councillors Business:

Councillor Way attended the meeting with Embridge Gateway as well as the Firehall Open House.

Councillor Kirby Attended the Museum Board meeting and the Embridge meeting. Attended a meeting with Northern Health Authority: discussed the possibility of a dentist for Tumbler Ridge, the air ambulance and the need for a second car for the ambulance in Tumbler Ridge. Northern Health was interested in our projected population numbers. Councillor Younge attended the Embridge meeting and the Fire Hall Open House.

The Emergency Social Services team responded to a call out in Dawson Creek last Friday. Three of the ESS volunteers attended this response. Councillor Younge would like to see Jerrilyn Schembri, ESS Director, meet with CAO Jack Mussallem to discuss obstacles the ESS team in Tumbler Ridge are faced with.

Mayor Iles attended the Embridge meeting, the meeting with the Health Authority and a Community Forest meeting. Mayor Iles met with several investors during the last couple of weeks. Spent time with the Chinese delegation.

9. New Business

a) Motion passed that Council establish a new per kilometer rate for the use of automobiles while on District of Tumbler Ridge business of $.48 a kilometer, and approve the revised District of Tumbler Ridge Travel Expense Policy (TR. 2) to reflect the change. Passed

b) Motion made that Council purchase Star Trac Pro Commercial treadmill from Lifestyle Equipment in Richmond, at a price of $7,924.01 and that this money be taken from the approved capital budget. Passed

c) Motion made that the District of Tumbler Ridge implement a rezoning of the following properties from P-1 Public to C-1 commercial Core; 1. The land surrounded by Pioneer Loop and MacKenzie Way; 2. The land which fronts onto Southgate Drive and adjacent the TR Inn; 3. The land which fronts onto Southgate Drive and MacKenzie Way. Passed.

d) As a part of an overall effort to further beautify and revitalize Tumbler Ridge?s downtown core, the Departments of Economic Development and Public Works have been working together to define and implement the Downtown Landscape Enhancement project. The overall focus of the project is to identify a design theme for the downtown core of Tumbler Ridge that helps to visually reinforce the community?s unique attributes.

Motion that Mayor and Council provide direction for the Economic Development Officer and Public Works Manager to engage the services of Jay Lazzarin to provide the planning and design services required to initiate the Downtown Landscape Project for $32,475 (excluding GST)

e) Motion that a contract be executed by the Officers of the District of Tumbler Ridge, on behalf of the Community Forest Steering Committee, with the Application Co-coordinator Mr. Harry Prosser , to facilitate a Community Forest License application for Tumbler Ridge

f) A request of Council regarding the subject of Fire Fighters stipend and a break down of its use. Accepted for information.

g) On August 31, members of Council and the Museum foundation reviewed floor areas in the Community Centre. They were considering floor space for new museum exhibits. The exhibits include three dinosaur skeletons (6 ft. high and 15 ft long). The displays would have to be protected so they would have to be a solid barrier, potentially either glass boxes or a glass partition with netting to the ceiling. Motion that Council consider the facts, and request input from the public and users before making a decision. Discussion followed, with Councillor Kirby saying that he thinks the public needs to be consulted before the decision is made. Many mothers like to have the playground there so their children can play while they are having coffee in the restaurant. Councillor Way doesn?t like the idea of having a playground so close to the restaurant because it can disturb customers and presentations that are being made upstairs.

CAO Mussallem suggested that cost will be a factor that will need consideration. Councillor Younge thinks moving the playground to the skaters lounge would be a good thing, that way the Museum displays can be left together. Motion passed. Opposed Councillor Younge.

h) Motion that Jack Mussallem, Chief Administrative Officer be appointed Acting Corporate Officer, for the purpose of signing documents on behalf of the District of Tumbler Ridge, in the absence of the Corporate Officer. Passed.

i) Motion that Councillor Colledge and Councillor Kirby be appointed as alternates to the Municipal Insurance Association.

j) Motion that Council, if they think it appropriate, submit a list of names of residents from the community willing to become the Tumbler Ridge representative on the Board of Governors of the Northern Lights College. Councillor Younge expressed how important this is to have someone from Tumbler Ridge on this board to voice Tumbler Ridge?s concerns

k)Motion to write a letter to the Red Cross, asking them not to remove their equipment from the Fire Hall. Passed.