Regular Meeting of Council

1. Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2. a) Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of May 17th, 2004.

3. Business arising from the Minutes.

4. Petitions and Delegations

a) Curtis Scott, Re: Fencing Regulations on Bylaw 12 and Bylaw 439.

Curtis Scott requested to be put on the docket for the purpose of getting clarification of Bylaws #12 and #439 with regard to the construction of a fence on their property. The problem is with the definition ?Yard Front?, the portion of the lot extending across the full width of the lot from the front lot line to the face of the nearest exterior wall of the principal building on the lot, EXCEPT in the case of a corner lot, the yard where the principal building faces may be considered front yard for purposes of fencing. The fence in this instance would comply with the bylaw. On the other hand the Operations Manager, Clark Hazlehurst, interprets the definition as when you take any point along the full width of the front property line and measure directly in to the house; that is the nearest exterior wall. Council will discuss this issue at the next Committee of the Whole meeting.

5. Correspondence:

a)Ministry of Forests, Re: Emergency Pine Beetle Management Area.

?This letter thanked Mayor and Council for their support for inclusion of the BC Peace Region into the emergency Pine Beetle management area.

Accepted for Information:

b) Office of the Premier, Re: Medical Service Plan, thanking Mayor and Council for their letter expressing concern about the future of the MSP and the safety of personal information.

c) Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Treaty Negotiations, Re: Civil Liability Law Review expressing appreciation for the effort and contribution of those who participated in this review process.

d) City of Burnaby, Re: Revisions to Streamside Protection Regulation.

e) Ministry of Forests, Re: Visual Quality Logging on the Heritage Highway. In this letter District Manager of Peace Forest District responds to Mayor and Council?s question regarding harvesting up to the highway. A former Council apparently approved this, in 2002. Accepted for Discussion.

6. Staff Reports:

Motions were made to accept the following staff reports:

a) Motion to accept the Chief Administrative Officer?s Report, June 7th, 2004 as presented.

7. Bylaws:

a) Final reading of Bylaw No. 485, 2004 ?A Bylaw to Dissolve the Tourism Advisory Commission.?

At the May 12, 2004 Committee of the Whole meeting, Council discussed TAC. At this time Council concluded that the efforts of TAC members and others interested in developing the tourism industry in Tumbler Ridge could be better utilized if they were not tied directly to Council through the establishment bylaw.

b) First three readings of Bylaw No 486. 2004″ Budget Amendment Bylaw. In March of this year Council adopted Bylaw No. 483.

There were a number of unforeseen items that Council gave direction to proceed with the following amendment to the 2004 amounts in the Financial Plan. Changes include:

?Revision of the Tax amount to lower by $100,000.

?Inclusion of additional Fair Share Funding for $465.000.

?Increase in transfer from Surplus $13,040.

?Increase in Expense for Museum $121,650.

?Decrease in Transfer to surplus $48,080.

?Increase in Capital-roadwork $294,470.

?Increase in Capital-retaining wall $10,000. Most of these changes were absorbed by our increase in Fairshare funding but the net effect on our surplus for the year will be to decrease the amount by $61,120 from what was originally budgeted.

c) First three readings of Bylaw No 487, 2004 ?A Bylaw Authorizing the Expenditure of the moneys in the capital works, machinery and equipment reserve fund.?

The 2003 Financial Plan included a contribution of $30,000 from the Machinery and Equipment Reserve Fund for the purchase of Public Works Equipment. Due to proceeds from the disposal of surplus equipment the requirement from reserve was limited to $3,186.42. In order to take the money from this reserve fund it must be authorized by bylaw.

d) First three readings of Bylaw No 488, 2004 ?A Bylaw Authorizing the Expenditure of the moneys in the drainage capital works, machinery and equipment reserve fund.?

8. Councillors Business:

?Councillor Colledge Attended Peace River Regional District, PEP AND FCM meetings. Attended both the Western Canadian Coal and EnCana Open Houses.

?Councillor McPherson was wondering what is happening with the oil and gas industry paying for some of the highway repairs.

?Councillor Way Attended Western Canadian Coal?s Open House.

?Councillor Kirby attended the WCC open house. Also attended a Museum Foundation meeting.

?Councillor Younge attended PEP meeting, Western Canadian Coal and Federation of Canadian Municipalities (CFM) conference.

Councillor Younge made a motion to waive the dog-license fee for the life of the top dog in the Tumbler Ridge Canada Day, 2004 Dog Show.

Councillor Steele


a) The 2004 Tender on District facilities be awarded to D.M. Henderson Roofing, for the tendered amount of $74,707.00 all taxes included. Passed.

b) Council grant a fee waiver of $330.00 +GST to cover the cost of the stage rental for ?An Evening of Performing Arts? on June 25 in the High School gymnasium, and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account. Passed

c) That Council authorize the use of the TR Logo to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Society to be used on souvenir items for fundraising. Passed.

d) Council proclaim the week of June 6-12, 2004 as ?Be a Tourist in Your own Town Week.? Passed

e) Council approve travel expenses for Mayor Iles attendance at the Oil and Gas Service Sector Investment Mission Luncheon and Trade Show in Calgary on June 7th. Passed

f) Council approve travel expenses for Councillor Colledge to attend the Northern Health Authority meeting in Dawson Creek on June 9th, 2004.

g) Council approve travel expenses for two members of Council to attend the Grand Opening of the UNBC Health Science Centre on August 17, 2004.

7. Closed Meeting Items