Regular Meeting of Council


Mayor Iles, Councillor Kirby, Councillor Way, Councillor Colledge, Councillor McPherson. Absent with Notice: Councillor Younge

1.Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2.a) Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of September 6, 2005.

4.Petitions and Delegations

a) Cpl. Kurt Peats: Re RCMP Quarterly Report. Cpl. Peats gave the detachment quarterly report.

b) Cpl Peats gave information surrounding the ICBC Community Crash Reduction Challenge. The Community Crash Reduction Challenge is a great opportunity for communities throughout BC to help reduce crashes and road related harm. The community in Tumbler Ridge?s population category that shows the greatest reduction in crash rate will win a $10,000.00 road safety grant. Tumbler Ridge?s Crash Prediction which is based on the previous five-year average for the period October 1-31 is: Total resident crashes: 14, Rate (per 10,000 population): 64.8.

5. Correspondence:

a) Dr. Christopher Rochon, Re: Support for a Pacemaker Clinic in the Peace Region. As a result of Dr. Rochon?s concerns, he has contacted the pacemaker clinic staff at the Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton and they have agreed, subject to administrative approval, to come to the Peace Region (4) times a year for two or more days as required. The cost would be limited to their travel and accommodation, approximately $5,000.00-10,000.00 annually to serve the approximately 700 patients in the Peace River region. Currently each of these people is required to travel to Edmonton at least twice per year to have their pacemaker checked at a cost of $700.00-$1000.00 per year. Accepted for information.

b) The Tumbler Ridge Citizens on Patrol Society wrote to express appreciation for the donation of $1800.

6. Staff Reports: Motions were made to accept the following staff reports:

a) Motion to accept the Chief Administrative Officer?s Reports, August 29 and September 5, 2005 as presented.

b) Accounts payable in the amount $1,115,948.39.

c) Public Works Department Monthly Report August 2005

d) Fire Department Report August 2005

e) Community Services monthly reports for July and August 2005.

f) Economic Development report August and the Visitor Information Booth Status Report.

7. Bylaw 504, ?District of Tumbler Ridge Bylaw to provide exemption of certain lands within the Municipality from taxation. Report by the CAO and first three readings.

9. New Business

a)Motion passed that Council approve the amended kilometer rate for the use of automobiles while on District of Tumbler Ridge business of $.45 a kilometer.

b)UBCM Community Tourism Funding Program.

Recommendation that Council list the top three tourism based initiatives that they would like to apply the UBCM funding to and that Council prioritize this top three list, rating each in order of importance and that Council give direction to the EDO to confirm the eligibility of these initiatives within the parameters established by the program before submitting an application.

c) Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association Annual General Meeting. Recommendation that Council decide who they would like to send to the 2005 NRAHTA AGM, nominate to the NRAHTA Board of Directors, and that Council decide what type and level of sponsorship they would like to provide for the 2005 NRAHTA AGM.

d) Use of the Visitor Information Centre Booth. For Council to decide if they want to allow the Chamber of Commerce to use the Visitor Information Booth for the office administration and if so under what conditions.

e) Northeast British Columbia Community Coal Forum:

The Tumbler Ridge Chamber is hosting the first annual Coal Forum and Business Trade Show here in Tumbler Ridge on October 19 and 20, 2005. Recommendation that each member of Council decide on attendance.

f) UBCM Ministerial Meetings: Meeting with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Tourism, Sports and the arts. Recommendation that Council review the information provided and share any feedback that they may have.

g) Lease of Airport Property: To review and give consideration to a proposal from a resident for occupation and use of District owned land at our local airport. Recommendation that Council discuss this and if in favour of the proposal give direction to staff on what lease rate they will to agree upon.

h) Community Events funding program recipient report. Purpose is for Council to receive a report from the only successful applicant of the 2005 Community Events Grant Program. Community events are an important element of economic development and the maintenance of a high standard of living. In order to attract new residents and visitors to Tumbler Ridge, it would be beneficial to fill the calendar year with a variety of events for people of all ages. The Garden Club is the only organization to submit an application. No recommendation.

i) 2005 Alberta Snowmobile and ATV Show. Purpose is to solicit participation in staffing a trade show booth at the 2005 Alberta Snowmobile and ATV show. Recommendation that Council appoint three people, from Council or the general public, to attend the 2005 Alberta Snowmobile and ATV show on October 21-23 and that Council approve travel expenses for the appointed individuals to attend the show.

j) Hong Kong-Guangdong Business Forum: Recommendation that Council approve travel and conference expenses for Mayor Iles to attend the Hong Kong-Guangdong Business Forum being held in Vancouver on October 24, 2005.

k) Community Celebrations Committee Appointments:

Recommendation that Council appoint Kathy Hood and Stacey Lajeunesse to the Community Celebrations Committee.

l) Council of Forest Industries Community Dinner: Recommendation that Council approve travel expenses for two members of Council to attend the Council of Forest Industries Peace River Region Community Dinner in Dawson Creek on October 13, 2005.