Regular Meeting of Council

Absent: Councillor Way Present: Mayor Iles, Councillors Younge, Kirby, Colledge and McPherson November 21st, 2005

1.The regular meeting of Council was called to order at 7PM, Monday, Nov. 21. The minutes of the November 7th Council meeting were adopted and there was no business arising from those minutes.

4. There was one Petition and Delegation Which was Mark Booden of the Bear Aware Program.

Booden?s presentation focused on the program stats for the 2005 year, which included 124 calls to the program with 6 bears put down. Booden reported that this was an especially bad year for bears. There was a very healthy bear population this year with very few berries and natural food sources. The Bear Aware program is an educational program whose focus is to reduce conflict between humans and bears.

5. There was no correspondence to report.

6. Staff Reports:

The following reports were accepted as presented: Acting Chief Administrative Officer Report, November 21, 2005, F

Accounts Payable Report, $1,105,837.91, Public Works, Fire Department, and Community Services Reports for October; Economic Development Report for September and October; Community Forest Coordinator Report to November 15th.


8. Councillors business:

Councillor Colledge: has been preparing for the ?Senior?s Dialogue? which is taking place on Friday, November 25th. Colledge also followed up on the meeting with Minister Hagen regarding a Social Worker for Tumbler Ridge, as well as the continued current provision of Home Support.

Councillor McPherson: nothing to report.

Councillor Kirby attended a pinebeetle meeting in Dawson Creek and expressed his concern over the lack of action in the Monkman Park. Motion for travel approval for Kirby and Prosser to attend the next pinebeetle meeting in Dawson Creek made and passed unanimously.

Councillor Younge asked if there is a supervision policy in place for the playground. Peter Thomas responded that there is a sign which says children must be supervised.

Mayor Iles attended the Energy Policy Forum in Whistler. Also spoke to members of the Olympic Committee about Tumbler Ridge being an Olympic Village for one of the teams. There will be a bidding process which Tumbler Ridge is encouraged to participate in.

9.New Business

a)The owner of 127 Commercial Park has submitted a Development Variance Permit Application. As per the Land Use Bylaw and the Local Government Act, the property owners within 100 metres of the subject area have been notified. To date no concerns have been voiced. The proposed variance request for the development of a mini-storage facility, allows for the buildings to encroach into the five metre side and rear yard set-backs by 1.5 metres. Motion passed unanimously.

b) The Northern Development Initiative Trust was established through legislation last fall with an initial investment of $135 million, which came from the sale of BC Rail. The mission of the NDIT is to be a catalyst for Northern BC to grow a strong diversified economy by stimulating sustainable economic growth through strategic and leveraged investments. This includes projects related to tourism development. A jointly-submitted letter has been sent from the Tumbler Ridge Museum (TRMF) for the development of a Museum facility. Once this letter is submitted, a response from the RAC as to whether or not a formal proposal will be requested. A motion was made that Council submit, in partnership with the TRMF, a letter of intent to the Peace Region Advisory Committee of the Northern Trust for the development of a Museum facility. Passed unanimously.

c)Council directed staff to apply to the UBCM for funding for the Community Wildfire Protection Planning.

The District received funding from UBCM in the latter part of August for the amount of $14,177.50. The District will pay the remaining 50%. Staff has consulted with Dr. Sharon Hope throughout the process. It is moved that Council enter into an agreement with Dr. Sharon Hope to develop a Community Wildfire Protection plan for the District of Tumbler Ridge for the contracted price of $26,500 plus 7% GST for a total of $28,355



d)Motion that Council approve the Community Events funding requrest from the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council and that the Economic Development Officer be directed to manage the disbursement of funds. Passed unanimously.


e)Motion that Council send a letter to the board of the Northern Lights College endorsing Raelynn Johnson as the Tumbler Ridge representative to the Northern Lights College Board of Governors. Councillor Kirby thanked Johnson for putting her name forward. Passed unanimously


f)Motion that Council authorize the Mayor and Corporate Officer to execute the ?Community Works Funding Agreement? with the UBCM. Unanimous


g) Motion that Council send a letter of support for the proposed taxi service in Tumbler Ridge (Lorne Clarkson, Teco Taxi). Unanimous.


h)Motion that Council resolve to a closed meeting as per section 90 1 (c, e and g) of the Community Charter to discuss a personnel issue, land issue and legal issue.

Editor?s Note:

90 (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:

c) labour relations or other employee relations;

e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;