Regular Meeting of Council

Absent: Councillor Hunter Present: Mayor Caisley, Councillors Colledge, Kirby, White, Holmlund and Sipe

November 21, 2006

1. The regular meeting of Council was called to order at 7PM, Tuesday, November 21st.

2.Addendums were made. Item 8 c which is the Twilight Lodge Development Permit was withdrawn. The minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council for November 7th were adopted.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes: None

4. There were no Petitions and Delegations

5 Correspondence:

a) A letter of thanks from the Tumbler Ridge RCMP regarding the Halloween 2006, Bonfire. There was not one call received this year due to mischief by youth in the community in relation to Halloween. The bonfire was well attended and well received by the community. Around 250 people enjoyed the warm fires, hotdogs and other treats as the snow fell.

6. Staff Reports: The following staff reports were accepted as presented.

a)Accounts Payable Report October 2006 in the amount of $726,348.65

7.New Business

a)Amalgamation of lots 68 & 69, Plan 30292. District lot 3164. To seek Council?s approval to consolidate two lots at 244 and 248 Gwillim to allow for the construction of a 2,058 sq. ft. home. Discussion followed. Motion made that Council approves the request to consolidate the lots on the specific understanding that Mr. Thompson construct a single family residential home with a foot print that exceeds 2,350 sq. ft. prior to expiry of the two-year option. Passed, opposed Councillor White

b) Amalgamation of lots 52 &53, District lot 3164, plan 30291 VanDeBurgt. To request council approval to amalgamate a residential lot that has a two-year development option registered on it, with an existing developed lot. This differs from item a) in that it is subsequent to the construction of a 1,238 sq. ft home and both lots are substantially larger than the average residential lot. Motion made that Council denies the request to amalgamate the lots, which will preserve the original intent of the two year development option, which was to ensure each lot was fully developed. Passed.

c) Wildfire Protection Plan. The District contracted Dr. Sharon Hope to develop a Wildfire Protection Plan for the Municipality of Tumbler Ridge. The final plan resulted with several recommendations to use as a foundation for the creation of the Wildfire Protection Committee. The committee would consist of appointed Council representatives, staff, and various stakeholders. Motion that the Wildfire Protection Plan for the District of Tumbler Ridge be adopted and that Mayor and Council establish the recommended Wildfire Protection Committee to develop an action plan to mitigate the wildfire interface concerns.

d) Response to Bylaw Issues raised at the RCMP Community Meeting. The purpose is to respond to the concerns raised by residents at the RCMP Community Meeting and Cpl. Peats letter dated October 26th. Recommendation that Council review the information in the report and provide further direction.

e) Renewal of Tumbler Ridge Children Centre Society Lease To renew the lease agreement with Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre Society lease for a three-year period. Motion that council enter into a three year lease agreement with the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre Society at $1.00 a year for the space known as the daycare and free use of the arena and aquatic centre for daycare programming purposes. Discussion surrounding liability insurance. Motion passed.

f) Renewal of Tumbler Ridge Library Association Lease. To renew the lease agreement with the Tumbler Ridge Library Association for a three year period. Motion to enter into a three year lease agreement with the Tumbler Ridge Library Association for the space known as the public library for $1.00 a year starting January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2009. Councillor White asked that the last sentence of section 4 of the lease be removed as it limits functions that can be held. Motion passed. Sipe opposed.

g)IT Infrastructure Cabling Upgrades. As part of the IT Infrastructure upgrades that have been approved, we need to ?re-cable? the entire network. Motion that Mayor and Council approve the quote received from Snider?s Electronics for data cabling services in the amount of $9884.00 plus applicable taxes and that such expenditure will be funded through the reserve for future expenditures. Motion passed.

h)Letter of Support for Community Tourism Foundations Program. For Council to give formal consideration to a letter lending support to the economic development department to apply for participation in the Community Tourism Foundations Program. Motion that Council approve the attached letter of support and give direction to send the letter to the Community Tourism Foundation Program.

i)Emergency Social Service Rates. To provide Council with information requested at the October 2, 2006 Council Meeting regarding government rates for Emergency Social Services. There have been significant changes to the ESS rates and policies and the ESS rate sheets have been updated to reflect provincial government changes to hotel/motel accommodation guidelines. Motion to receive as information.

j)2007 Committee of the Whole Meeting Schedule. Council must make public their meeting schedule for the New Year on or before Dec. 15th. Motion that Council approve the 2007 Council and Committee of the Whole Meeting Schedules and direct staff to proceed with the required advertising and posting. Motion passed, Sipe opposed.

k)Prioritized list of Council Action Items. Top priority items see page:

l)Schedule of meetings for November and December.

m)Response to Renaissance Canada?s statement from Don Spratt. Motion for Council to give formal approval of the attached letter in response to Don Spratt?s statement that was delivered at the October 2, 2006 Meeting of Council. The letter basically states that Council is unable to initiate a zoning change because rezoning applications must be initiated by the property owner. The letter also questions that the Thrift Store needs 4000 sq. ft. that they currently have and that they could rent a smaller space for store display and explore non-commercial zones for storage. The letter concludes by saying that the TR Ministerial has assumed the Christmas Food Hamper project for this year and that the Community Centre provides ample opportunities for social interaction. The letter goes on to say that there are schools and Churches that currently prescribe to assist the underprivileged in Central America. The Dawson Creek Salvation Army has also offered their assistance in helping those in the community in need.

8. Councillor Business

Councillor Sipe- attended the NRT and NRATA meeting. Gave a brief report and asked Council if they would consider putting in money to assist the RRT. Staff directed to investigate.

Councillor Colledge: Attended a conference in Ottawa. Gave a brief report and informed Council that a more detailed report would be coming in writing.

Councillor Holmlund: Attended the George Cuff pre-budget meeting and found it very informative and helpful. Councillor Holmlund attended a meeting with Talisman regarding the size of their operation in this area.

Councillor Kirby: really appreciated the George Cuff pre-budget meeting. Councillor Kirby gave a brief report on the Community Forest. A conference call was held and from that it was decided we would apply for the original landbase that was selected, though a portion of it was impacted by the forest fire this past summer.

Councillor White: attended many meetings. The library meeting was very interesting and consideration is being given to Tumbler Ridge library being part of a pilot project.

Mayor Caisley: read a portion of a pinebeetle report from an Alberta Facts paper. Mayor Caisley received a letter from Minister Coleman re/ the pine beetle management.

n) Motion that Council resolve to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 1 (g) of the Community Charter.