Regular Meeting of Council

Present: Mayor Mike Caisley, Councillors Colledge, Hunter, White, Kirby, Holmlund, and Sipe.

December 5th, 2006

1. The regular meeting of Council was called to order at 7PM, Tuesday December 5th.

2. Addendums were made.

Page 2 (A 3) Sipe requested to ?correct the motion presented to consolidate lots 53 & 53 so that the wording which was provided to council should read: Since lot 53 is a large lot, the owner can subdivide enough of the land and consolidate with lot 52 that will allow for the additional room to build a garage. Lot 53 will still be large enough for the construction of a single family dwelling and this is done without precident or prejudice.?

Page 2 (A5) under Sipes? report should read that North East Regional Advisory Committee is a subcommittee of NDI.

The minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council for November 21st were adopted.

3. Business arising from the minutes: None.

4. There were no Petitions or Delegations.

5. Correspondence:

(a) A letter of Recognition for Outstanding Service was written acknowledging Doug Beale who went far and above the call of duty on October 28th when there was an excessive snowfall. Beale organized the task of plowing the runway at the local airport as well as rescuing two stranded highway workers.

(b) The City of Port Alberni, RE: Martin Wars Water Bombers. A letter was written to council by the City of Port Alberni for the province?s immediate action to invest in the Martin Mars Water Bombers to ensure that the remain in British Columbia. Councillor Hunter moved that CAO Lonny Miller check with the Fire Chief about the need for the water bombers in BC. Carried.

(c) City of Burnaby, RE: Homelessness. The City of Burnaby corresponded with a letter to council requesting that the motion regarding homelessness be circulated to the UBCM member municipalities, BC MLAs and MPs, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities asking for support and concerted action to address these serious issues. Councillor Hunter moved that the wording be replaced from ?demand? to ?ensure? in paragraph 3, page 2 of the supporting letter. Sipe seconded. Carried.

6. No Staff Reports.

7. Bylaws.

(a) Motion was made to have the first reading of Bylaw 517, 2006 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Zoning Bylaw?. Carried. Motion made for a second reading. Carried. A public hearing will be scheduled a target date of January 16th between 4 or 5 PM prior to the Regular Council meeting on the same date.

8. New Business

(a) Two-Year Building Stipulation Agreement Revision. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. Motion was made that Council approves the request for an extension of the development timeline from Mr. Comeau by two months to February 28, 2007. Sipe motions an amendment to read that Council approves the request for an extension of the development timeline to March 31st, 2007. Carried.

(b) Motion was made to review the agreement with the Tumbler Ridge Wilderness Lodge Corp. Carried.

(c) Motion was made for Mayor and Council to adopt the amendment to the District of Tumbler Ridge Policy T.R.2 (Travel Expense Policy) as presented. Hunter motioned. Kirby seconded. Carried.

(d) Motion was made for Mayor and Council to provide a letter of support and commitment to the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre Society for the upgrades to the outdoor playground AND that the amount of $10,146.50 form part of the 2007 recreation capital budget. Colledge motioned. Hunter seconded. Carried.

(e) Motion was made for council to approve the revised PERS 3 Policy effective immediately. Motion by Hunter. Kirby seconded. Carried.

(f) Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation. Motion was made that Council instructs staff to commission a survey by one of the three companies identified in Ms. Burleigh?s report as soon as possible to a maximum cost of $5,000. AND THAT staff follows up with Ms. Burleigh for a proposal to prepare a proper strategic plan for the treatment of the MPB within the town core based on the results of the field survey. AND THAT staff follow up with the Regional District on the possibility of forming a coalition with the other municipalities in the northeast. Sipe proposed that an amendment be made that staff also be directed to investigate the provincial grants and government projects that may be available based on results of this initiative. Kirby seconded. Carried. Holmlund opposed.

(g) Consolidation of Lot 52 & 53 DL, Plan 30291. Motion was made by Hunter to table for review on January 9th, 2007. Kirby seconded. Carried.

(h) Motion was made for council to accept the Strategic Directions Workshop Facilitation proposal from Gorton McIntosh and advise as to which of the dates in March 2007 would accommodate its schedules. Hunter moves to have the workshops costs clarified. Sipe seconded. Carried.

(i) Schedule of Meetings. Sipe amends public hearing to an earlier time on January 16th. Sipe comments that Stars presentation in open to the public at the Health Centre.

9. Councillors? Business.

Councillor Sipe: Made mention of the Bylaw in the Council Agenda and complimented Ray Proulx. Recognition went out to Lonny Miller as well as Mayor Caisley for his leadership.

Councillor Colledge: Attended the Tumbler Ridge 25th DVD video viewing. Congratulated the DVD?s debut as it was a good piece of film. Attended the TR Umbrella Committee on it?s 1 year anniversary on the 4th and was overwhelmed with the large attendance. Mention was made of housing issues: safe homes and temporary housing issues are on the rise in the community and priority should be on the forefront.

Councillor Holmlund: Attended the Candlelight service on the 2nd and was really glad she did. It was a painful and sad but beautiful service.

Councillor Kirby: Made mention of the Co op housing and recommended a meeting soon. The food drive went well.

Councillor Hunter: Made mention that Pine Valley received a creditor extension to January 31st. The Grizfest survey is complete. Although he was unable to attend the Mayor?s Food Drive on Tuesday, he will be present on Thursday.

Councillor White: Made mention of the Peace Regional District Fort St. John airports level of security. A letter to the district will be written about the level of security at the airport. Mention was also made of the on duty nurses at the Medical Centre. Often, nurses will respond at two or three in the morning to individuals who are inebriated. There is no security for them at the present time and council needs to address the situation with a camera or card system.

Mayor Caisley: Made mention that the first part of the food drive was very successful and wishes to thank the children that attended. Complimented The Tumbler Ridge 25th anniversary DVD in a job well done. Made mention of the pre-budget meeting on Wednesday the 5th in the morning.

10. Question and Answer period. Only one comment was made by a Tumbler Ridge citizen that December 12th?s Committee of the Whole meeting conflicted with Choir practice and that Councillor Sipe should attend.

Councillor Colledge made mention that there seems to be a lot of morning meetings that she is unable to attend as she is at work during that time. Councillor Holmlund commented that she is also having the same conflict. Mayor Caisley mentioned that an effort will be made to schedule meetings as best possible so that the two Councillors can attend more frequently.

11. Closed meeting items. N/A

12. Meeting adjourned at 8:00PM