Regular Meeting of Council


January 16, 2006 Present: Councillors Kirby, Hunter, Sipe, White, and Mayor Caisley. Absent: Councillors Colledge and Holmlund.

1. Call to order at 7:00 pm. Mayor Caisley deferred item 8 (e)(Oil and Gas Commission) due to Councillor Holmlund being ill. Councillor Hunter made motion for the agenda as amended. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

2. Motion to adopt the minutes of regular meeting of January 2nd, 2007 by Councillor Hunter. Seconded by Sipe. Carried.

3. There was no business arising from the minutes.

4. Petitions and delegations. Peter Thompson made a presentation t Council regarding the purchase of 17 residential lots in Tumbler Ridge. Thompson commented on the difficulties of building in a logical, financially responsible manner in Tumbler Ridge. He indicated that his main objective was to avoid any confrontation by offering a win-win situation for both parties. In Thompson?s correspondence, which was included in the agenda, he offered to sell the lots (valued between $25,000 and $44,000 each) back to the District at the assessed value. At the conclusion of Thompson?s presenation, Mayor Caisely requested a copy of Thompson?s report.

5. Correspondence. Councillor Hunter moved for Council to submit two letters to the agenda from Steeprock Mobile Home Company and Lynn Way. Seconded by Kirby. Carried. Both letters were follow up letters regarding the ATV meeting in December of 2006.

6. There were no staff reports.

7. Bylaws

(a) Bylaw 517, 2006 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Zoning Bylaw?. Third reading. Councillor Hunter motioned to table the third reading until the next regular meeting of Council in February. Seconded by White. Carried.

8. New Business.

(a) DS59-Claude Galebois School Rezoning Application #2007-01. Report of Chief Administrative Officer. Councillor White motioned to table the rezoning application to the next regular meeting of Council in February. Seconded by Hunter. Carried.

(b) Follow up from ATV Bylaw Public Meeting. Report of Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement officer. Motion was made by Councillor Hunter to increase enforcement of the existing bylaw with the hiring of a new part-time bylaw officer. Seconded by Kirby. Carried. Sipe opposed. Councillor Kirby made a second motion to approve signage on existing designated trails with the cost not to exceed $2000. Seconded by White. Carried. A third motion was made by Councillor Hunter for the CAO and staff develop a report on the ATV on ATV bylaw 471 and how to incorporate item 3,4 and 5 outlined in the report of Fire Chief/bylaw Enforcement Officer as soon as possible. Seconded by White. Carried. A final motion was made by Councillor Hunter for staff to provide a report and recommendations on the changes to the trail systems as they are designated on the current map and the reasons for those changes. Kirby seconded. Carried. Councillors Sipe and White opposed.

(c) BC Tourism Industry Conference. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. A motion was made by Councillor Hunter to approve travel and conference expenses for Mayor Caisley?s attendance at the BC Tourism Conference and the meeting with Minister of Tourism Stan Hagen in Victoria, Minister of Transportation and Highways, Ministry of Forests, and also the Ministry of Attorney General from February 21-23rd, 2007. Seconded by White. Carried. A second motion was made by Councillor White to allow Councillor Sipe to attend the conference along with Mayor Caisley. Motion defeated.

(d) Confirmation of Establishment of Boulder Garden Reserve. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy C.A.O. A report was provided for information purposes only confirming the placement of the reserve. Claudia Fleming, who is Mineral Lands Administrator, also clarified through email correspondence that Fording can still mine the coal but if the tenure lapses then the area will automatically become a reserve with no other mining permitted.

(e) Oil and Gas Commission. Request of Councillor Holmlund. Deferred.

(f) Schedule of Meetings. Councillor Hunter made mention that he will be away on January 23rd as well as January 25th until the 1st of February. Mayor Caisley asked CAO Miller to reschedule the Strategic Planning Session as Councillor Colledge will be away.

9. Councillors? Business.

Councillor Sipe- Now that we have a new computer system and most of Council is connected, I recommend we assist Mr. Miller in providing some relief to his over burdened staff, by eliminating a time and labour intensive process.

I suggest Mr. Miller establish a Daily Electronic Received Mail File

These daily files should be available to ALL Councillor?s in a read and print only status,

These daily files should contain ALL mail received and addressed to Mayor, Mayor & Council, and any correspondence related to Councillor?s portfolios,, that is not of a confidential nature,

The daily files should be available each day and the content there in be within 1 business day of receipt.

Benefits to be derived from this system should include; reduce the amount of lost or misplaced incoming correspondence that are sent to Council- Reduce staff time in photocopying; addressing and distributing selected correspondence to Councillor?s wickets – The obvious reduction in paper consumption – Provide all of Council with time sensitive correspondence in a timely and consistent manner

I request that staff be directed to establish this system and have it in place by February 1,2007 as it is not much different than the info package method..

This will help to meet Mr. Miller?s 2007 objectives and goals

2c Decrease Environmental Impact

4c.Establish Open Accountability of Council and Administration

4d. Promote awareness of what is happening

Councillor Kirby ? Attended a Community Forests meeting; Council will have to apply for another two month extension. Recommended adding to the agenda for the Committee of the Whole meeting in February.

Councillor Hunter ? Attended a meeting with Corporal Peats regarding the alcohol consumption at Grizfest. Recommended that the District join the Canadian Association of Coal.

Councillor White ? Over the past several months I have been researching the coal-fired industry and the proposed plant called AES Wapiti. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot support the proposal as it stands. My view is that if we must go down this path then there are definitely better processes available to the coal-fired industry than the one that is being presented to us. We have the opportunity to make a difference when it comes to the technology related to the coal industry. It can be done better and we deserve to have the best. There is a briefing to the town by the Pembina Institute on 25 January covering the various methods of electrical generation using coal. They would also like to make a 30 minute presentation to Council on that day if we could arrange for a convenient time.

My second item of concern is the proposed gas well coming within 2 km of town hall. Where next ? beside town hall? I cannot sit by and watch as our quality of life is slowly bit by bit eroded away. With the millions of square kilometers out there why they have to invade our backyard is beyond me. They?ll do what we let them! I will be urging Council to address the idea of a ?no go? zone around Tumbler Ridge.

10. Question and Answer Period. (Fifteen minute time limit).

Q. (Mr. Bill Hendley) Asked if Council would permit an extension of variance for Renaissance until the end of June from February 7th which would allow the rezoning application to be done. He recommended that the Thrift store reopen. Mayor Caisley said that he will have CAO Miller place the request on the agenda for the next regular Council meeting.

Q. (Mr. Murray) Asked if he could bring in a letter or presentation to the next Council meeting. Mayor Caisley referred Murray to CAO Miller in order to be placed on the agenda for the letter or presentation.

11. Closed meeting. Councillor Kirby made a motion for a closed meeting dealing with a legal issue. Seconded by Sipe. Carried.

Community Charter Section 90 (1) (e) (g)

(1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following:

(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; (g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality;

Public Council Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.