Regular Meeting of Council

February 20th, 2007. Present: Councillors Kirby, Colledge, White, Sipe and Mayor Caisley. Absent: Councillors Hunter and Holmlund.

1. Call to order at 7:00 pm. Mayor Caisley amended the agenda to add item 8 (f) under new business which was for Council to approve the hiring of a consultant to assist with the strategic planning of the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course. Councillor Sipe made the motion to adopt the agenda as amended. Seconded by White. Carried.

2. Adoption of Minutes.

(a) Motion was made to adopt the minutes of February 6th, 2007 by Councillor Kirby. Seconded by White. Carried.

3. There was no business arising from the minutes.

4. There were no petitions or delegations.

5. Correspondence.

(a) Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games, re: torch relays. A motion was made by Councillor Sipe for information. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

(b) Peace River Regional District, re: Northern Health Service Delivery Priorities. A letter from the Peace River Regional Hospital District which was included in the agenda presented Council with the Northern Health Service delivery priorities for the next five years. The Peace River Hospital District will gather comments from the member communities and forward consolidated regional responses back to Northern Health. Councillor Sipe motioned to have Councillor Kirby, White, and Colledge head up a Mayors? Task Force at which time Mr. Lonny Miller (Chief Administrative Officer) and staff can put together a list of all the organizations that would be required to deal with the subject in it?s entirety as well as gathering information, discussing it in detail and then coming back to Council with a report. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

(c) The Corporation of The City of North Vancouver, re: request to the Provincial Government to increase the minimum wage. Councillor Sipe motioned to receive the e-mail correspondence from the City of North Vancouver. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

A second motion to receive the e-mail correspondence from the City of North Vancouver regarding the habitat protection for Mountain Caribou was made by Councillor Sipe. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

(d) Elaine Guske, re: Thank you letter. A motion to accept the thank you letter from Elaine Guske was made by Councillor Kirby. Seconded by Colledge. Carried.

7. Bylaws.

(a) Bylaw 521, ?2007 Financial Plan Bylaw?. Presentation of Financial Plan by Chief Financial Officer. A motion was made to pass the first reading of ?District of Tumbler Ridge 2007-2011 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 521, 2007? and for staff to proceed with the public consultation process. Motioned by Kirby. Seconded by White. Carried.

8. New business.

(a) 2007 Capital projects. Report of Chief Financial Officer. A motion was made to direct staff to proceed with the guidelines established in the purchasing policy with regards to the 2007 budgeted capital projects by Councillor Sipe. Seconded by Colledge. Carried.

(b) Grant-In-Aid funds dispersal. Report of Chief Financial Officer. A motion was made to advance all minor grants as requested and advance 2/12th?s of all major grants. The prorating of the major grants is for the months already expired in 2007. Motioned by Councillor White. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

(c) Notice of motion. Report of Chief Administrative Officer. Councillor Sipe made a motion for Council to direct staff to bring forward Bylaw 512That council direct staff to bring forward bylaw 512 with draft revision to reflect specific policy guidelines on

1. Duties of Councillors related to the defined stipend

2. A system of compensation related to extraordinary meetings outside the stipend guidelines

3. A clear interpretation of the per diem compensation

4. Other policies that apply to Councillor travel and expenses as the charter dictates.

And that the resultant report be placed before the agenda committee for placement on a future COW (P&PC) meeting prior to the second reading of the budget bylaw 521.2007

All in favor of the motion were Councillors Sipe and Colledge. Opposed were Councillors Kirby and White. Motion defeated.

(d) Travel Approval for Northeastern BC Regional Round Table meetings. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. A motion was made for Council to approve travel expenses for Councillor Sipe?s attendance at the Northeast BC Regional Round Table meetings in Taylor on March 12th-13th, 2007 by Councillor Kirby. Seconded by White. Carried.

(e) Fairgrounds. Report of Director of Community Services. Department head Cheryl Hayden provided Council with information as requested about the Fairgrounds Steering Committee. The report was for information purposes only.

(f) Approval of the hiring of a consultant to assist with the strategic planning of the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course. Report of Chief Financial Officer. A motion was made for Mayor and Council to approve the proposal from CK Solutions for the Business and Management Review of the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course at a cost not to exceed $7000 by Councillor Kirby. Seconded by White. Carried.

9. Councillors Business.

Councillor Sipe- Councillor?s Business B Sipe 07/02/20

Tonight we have completed the first reading of Bylaw 521 that establishes our budget for the next five years.

Staff has worked very hard over the past 14 weeks to develop this budget and included in 2007 all the items they feel will best meet our District objectives.

It is now the public?s turn to review these documents and see if their interests are being served.

With an operating budget of over 6.4 m and capital of 3.1 m our total budget 9.5m is a substantial increase over 2006 with operating at 5.2 and capital at 2.1m

I strongly suggest citizens and taxpayers take the time to probe this budget and make their written submissions of issues and concerns they may have.

I request that staff be directed to provide as much time and attention they can to addressing our citizens concerns, and to provide several media releases during the review period

This will help to meet Mr. Miller?s 2007 objectives and goals

4c.Establish Open Accountability of Council and Administration

4d. Promote awareness of what is happening

Note to Mr. Miller that the Thrift Store is now closed so the Bylaw officer doesn?t need to serve notice. Hopefully he will continue to monitor the building for vandalism potential.

On a lighter note to Ms Isaak to earmark funds in her general capital budget for dark glasses, white canes and brooms for use of councillors.

Councillor Colledge-Reminded Council about the Tumbler Ridge Umbrella Committee meeting at noon where there will be discussion about the Senior Needs Study.

Colledge also reminded Council that they needed to go over the emergency plan.

Councillor Kirby- Attended the Golf Course meeting on February 19th. Informed Council that the Golf Course committee let their manager go. He also commented that the committee will bring a budget to Council for the Golf Course. He also mentioned that the Golf Course Committee will be requesting one day per week for machine maintenance from the District.

Councillor White- Attended a Veritas meeting with Councillor Sipe. White mentioned that he is waiting for maps from International Industries Forests.

Mayor Caisley- Nothing to report.

10. Question and answer period.

Q. Lynn Way- RE: The Golf Course. Way looked over the budget that was included in the agenda and commented that she would like for Council to take a second look at what taxpayers are getting for their money. She said that she would like to see substantial results for the Golf Course with taxpayer money.

Q. Councillor Sipe asked CAO Lonny Miller if the new Bylaw Officer, Joe Tummond, will have signage on his vehicle.

A. Miller responded to say that there is no signage at this point, but that Tummond will be provided with badges for his clothing.

11. There were no closed meeting items.

12. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.