Regular Meeting of Council

These are not the official minutes: a copy of the official minutes can be picked up at Town Hall.

April 3rd, 2007. Present: Councillors Kirby, Colledge, White, Holmlund, Hunter, Sipe, and Mayor Caisley

1. Call to order at 7:00 pm.

2. (a) Motion was made to adopt the minutes of the regular meeting of Council of March 20, 2007 by Councillor Hunter. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

(b) Motion was made to adopt the minutes of the special meeting of March 27th, 2007 by Councillor Kirby. Seconded by Sipe. Carried.

3. There was no business arising from the minutes.

4. (a) Petitions and delegations. Dennis Comeau, Re: Two year building stipulation agreement revision. Comeau was present to ask Council for a three to four month extension in order to complete a home on 56 Aspen. He also requested a 12 month extension for the completion of a home on 52 Aspen. Comeau is a developer who purchased the lots personally. He plans to bring in homes for the lots for resale. Weather and industry setbacks have hindered progress. Mayor Caisley said that he will direct staff to provide Council with a recommendation and Council will get back to him on the decision.

5. Correspondence.

Councillor Sipe moved that Council omnibus items (a), (b), and (c) from correspondence for discussion. Seconded by Kirby. Defeated.

(a) The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver, Re: Home Owner Grant Program. Councillor Hunter moved to receive the correspondence for information. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

(b) Kees VanDeBurgt., Re: Lot K development. A motion was made by Councillor Hunter to hold over items (b) and (c) under correspondence to be discussed in conjunction with 8 (b), which is parking cash-in-lieu fees. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

6. There were no staff reports.

7. Bylaws.

(a) Bylaw 521, 2007 ?District of Tumbler Ridge Financial Plan Bylaw?. Report of Chief Financial Officer. Second reading. Motion was made by Councillor Sipe to pass the second reading of ?District of Tumbler Ridge 2007-2011 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 521, 2007.? Seconded by Hunter. Carried.

8. New Business.

(a) Elevator Installation. Report of Director if Community Services. Motion was made by Councillor Colledge for Council to direct staff to enter into an agreement with Force Engineering for the engineering planning, design, tendering and inspections for the elevator installation within the Community Centre for thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). Seconded by Hunter. Carried.

(b) Parking cash-in-lieu fees. Report of Economic Development Officer. Notice of motion submitted by Councillor Kirby. Motion was made by Councillor Kirby that the zoning bylaw 517 parking in lieu fees be amended to read $700 per stall. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried. Councillor Hunter said that even though he was in favor of the motion, he didn?t accept that there wasn?t a process that didn?t let developers know about the change in parking fees. The community was given notice of the changes with ads that were placed in the newspaper. He also mentioned that the Economic Development Officer shouldn?t be expected to make special calls.

5. (b) Kees VanDeBurgt., Re: Lot K development. Motion was made by Councillor Holmlund to accept the letter of correspondence and set up a meeting as soon as possible with Mr. VanDeBurgt to address concerns outlined in the letter. Seconded by Hunter. Carried.

(c) Peter Thompson, Re: 127 Kineuso Avenue. Motion was made by Councillor Sipe to receive the letter of correspondence from Peter Thompson for discussion. Seconded by White. Carried. Councillor Hunter moved that the item be tabled to the April 17th Regular Council meeting. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

8. (c) Development Permit Application #2007-03. Report of Chief Administrative Officer. Motion was made by Councillor Colledge for Council to authorize notification of its approval in principle and proceed with the technical review of Development Permit #2007-03 from 0711320 BC Ltd for a 102 room hotel, conference centre and restaurant. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

(d) Development of downtown commercial lots. Report of Chief Administrative Officer. Motion was made by Councillor Hunter to table the item so Council could add it to the discussion with Mr. Kees VanDeBurgt. Seconded by Sipe. Carried.

(e) Lectranator upgrade. Report of Director of Community Services. Motion was made by Councillor Kirby for Council to direct staff to proceed with Lectra Marketing to upgrade the lectranator salt chlorine generating system for a cost of $78,216. Seconded by Holmlund. Carried.

(f) 2007 Community Energy Planning Mission to Alberta. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. An amended motion was made by Councillor Colledge for Council to approve travel and mission expenses for Councillor Holmlund and a member of staff to take part in the 2007 Community Energy Planning Mission to Alberta from July 29th to August 4th, 2007. Seconded by Hunter. Carried.

(g) NRAHTA funding request. Notice of motion submitted by Councillor Sipe. Motion was made by Councillor Sipe to receive the report from staff re: NRHATA and to amend the budget 2007 from surplus funds to include $5,000 for hosting an RRT meeting in November 2007 (hopefully in town and to accommodate 40 people and 20 reserved rooms). Seconded by White. Carried.

(i) Measuring Up The North Project. Motion was made by Councillor Hunter to endorse a letter of support from Council for the project. Seconded by Sipe. Carried. A second motion was made by Councillor Hunter to direct the CAO to look into partnering opportunities with the Paralympic 2010 games. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

(j) Special meeting of Council. Report of Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO. Motion was made by Councillor Hunter for Council to schedule a special meeting of Council for April 10th, 2007 at 6:45 pm prior to the scheduled Policies & Priorities Committee meeting. Seconded by Kirby. Carried.

(k) Schedule of meetings. Councillor Hunter will be absent for the April 17th regular meeting of Council.

9.Councillors Business.

Councillor Sipe-I attended the South Peace Economic Development Commission session in Dawson Creek last week, however I will let Councillor Holmlund or the Mayor speak to the event.

Here at a Council meeting and under Councillor?s business is one of the few times I can do, say, or bring forth information as a councillor, items that may determine the outcome of proposals and business under review.

When a Councillor or the Mayor takes the time to prepare a written report or statement and reads or delivers that report at a public meeting, the public not present, have a right to read it in our minutes.

I object to the continuous censoring, editing and sanitizing of our minutes on previous occasions and as was evidenced most recently in the minutes of our meeting on March 20th, 2007.

Recording what an individual speaking as an elected official writes or says should not be edited based on a personnel bias for or against the individual

I to, always try to ensure the overall interests of the community are being met, and I will accomplish this regardless of the degree of stress and pressure applied towards me.

Councillor Colledge-Attended the Chamber luncheon on April 2nd. She thanked Chamber for attending and hosting the luncheon. Colledge mentioned that the census numbers seem to be very low for Tumbler Ridge.

Councillor Holmlund- Attended the South Peace Economic Development meeting. She also attended the Chamber luncheon. Jay Hill was at the luncheon and mentioned that he will be coming to Council with more information on Coal Gasification. Holmlund suggested that Council bring Blair Lekstrom to Council to get an idea of what is happening with the Coal Gasification process.

Councillor Kirby- Community Forests have asked for another extension for 90 days. The Pine Beetle problem is getting worse. The business plan was for West Fraser to purchase the wood but because they have enough wood of their own, Community Forests has to look for another extension.

Councillor Hunter- Attended the Employee Relations Committee meeting and said that it is important to keep high quality people hired within the community. Hunter also attended the Grizfest committee meeting with Cheryl Hayden. All of the musical acts for the festival are booked. Hunter thanked the Chamber of Commerce for the luncheon on April 2nd. He said that Jay Hill spoke about the election, Afghanistan and AESWapiti at the luncheon.

Councillor White- Direct quote from Councillor White, ?In eight days I will have been a part of Tumbler Ridge for six years. During this time, I have tried to contribute to the well-being of the town to ensure that it would survive. As a member of the various clubs I worked on developing trails, including the Cascades project, as well as setting the ski trails for the sixth year. I volunteer at all the kids biathlons, cross country races, ski races and Emperors Challenge. I formed a group that brought the climbing wall to town and after four years of work we have a skate park which was the first major construction in the town in 25 years. My wife and I spent half our summer babysitting Monkman Park because BC Parks had no rangers and they were going to close it down. I spent six weeks at my own expense to go to Drumheller to train so that I could help with the bone excavation here in Tumbler. I worked many hours on the Musical Ride and I have committed two and a half years on the Community Forest Committee trying to bring diversity to this town. I just spent 15 hours behind a table in Calgary promoting tourism in Tumbler Ridge. I bring this to your attention as I wanted to comment on a note to an article that appeared March 28th in the Tumbler Ridge News written by Mayor Caisley. In it, he used a technique call comparative indictment whereby the attributes of one are praised to illustrate the deficiencies of another. He insinuated that I do not always ensure that the overall interest of our community is my primary motivation in making decisions. He infers that my vote for the museum was inappropriate and he also implies that my decisions are a result of stress and pressure applied to me. I find these comments very troubling.

Mayor Caisley- Attended the South Peace Economic Development meeting. About 30 to 40 representatives from all of the industry were there. The pine Beetle issue was addressed. He spoke to foresters to see if the government is losing money because of the Pine Beetle problem. The forming of a Coalition of the North and South Peace Regions are in the works. Mayor Caisley thanked the Chamber for the luncheon on April 3rd.

10. Question and answer period.

Dennis Comeau asked Council if there are any infrastructures in place for special needs people. He also said that his company has a donation program and they could donate to something in Tumbler Ridge. Councillor Hunter said that Council will get back to Mr. Comeau about where he could donate to. Hunter also mentioned to Mr. Comeau that the elevator installment in the Community Centre is going in and that other special needs will be addressed by the CAO.

Mr. Peter Thompson wanted to confirm whether or not the rumors of AESWapiti going to Grande Cache, Alberta were true or not. Mayor Caisley confirmed that AESWapiti has moved their plans to Grande Cache, Alberta. Councillor Hunter added that the move is not a ?done deal? and a float in the shares could decide where they end up. Councillor Holmlund emphasized that there are other permits for the area that are suitable for the same type of project that AESWapiti had thought of.

Joanne Kirby asked Council if the elevator installation will affect the daycare. CAO Lonny Miller said he will get back to Kirby about that. He said that the district will work with the children?s centre to ensure the safety of the children in the program.

A final question was asked about the policies and procedures of Council. A resident asked if there was policy about Council members using their formal Council names in letters written that are published in the local newspaper. Mayor Caisley said that Council may write letters about personal views but they can not represent the whole of Council.

11. Closed meeting items. (a) Personnel issue (b) Land issue