Regular Meeting of Council

October 18, 2004 In attendance: Councillors Younge, Kirby, Colledge, McPherson and Way. Official council notes may be obtained from the website or at Town Hall.

1. Call to Order

2. Minutes approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of October 4, 2004.

3. No Business arising from the Minutes

4. Petitions and Delegations:

Sue Kenny, Community Futures Development Corporation was on hand to present Lorraine Funk a BC Today?s Woman Award under the category of Home-based Business of the Year. This award recognized Lorraine?s achievement and accomplishments in producing a local newspaper for Tumbler Ridge. The award was sponsored by Community Futures Development Corporation.

Vincent Corno, Re: Home-based Business Concerns. Vince Corno appeared to voice opinions regarding home-based businesses. Main concern is the home-based businesses which are in direct competition with the downtown business core. Would like to see Bylaw 318 updated to reflect present day and have the difference between retail and commercial looked at. Corno urged Council to consider this a high priority as the downtown business core is struggling.

5. Correspondence: None

6. Staff Reports:

The following reports were accepted as presented:

a) Chief Administrative Officers Report-October 18, 2004. Preparations are ongoing for the 2005 budget. Attended a meeting with representatives of the McLeod Lake Indian Band around possible projects that the two communities could be involved in as a part of the existing protocol agreement.

b) Accounts Payable Report: August 2004-819,108.21, September 2004-407,873.48.

c) Fire Department Reports from August, September and Bylaw Report for September.

d) Community Services Department Report August and September and the

e) Economic Development report covering September-October 14.

7. Bylaws:

Council gave first, second and third reading to Bylaw No. 491, ?A bylaw to provide exemption of certain lands within the municipality of Tumbler Ridge from Taxation.

8.Councillors Business:

Councillor Colledge: attended the Emergency Planning Committee meeting as well as the Parliamentary procedures workshop that was held in Fort St. John. Councillor Colledge also met with Dr. Helm; the new Doctor is arriving in December. A point of concern: it is taking up to four weeks to get phones hooked up. Congratulations to Linda Helm on receiving the BC Sport award for coaching.

Councillor McPherson: attended the Regional District meeting. He suggested that the Councillor who holds the Health Portfolio review the portion of the hospital board agenda that pertains to Tumbler Ridge prior to the meeting. Would like to see Mayor or Representative from Tumbler Ridge attend the Crime Prevention Workshop, Council Resource Community AGM and the CEO Leadership workshop. Councillor McPherson attended the Parliamentary procedures workshop in FSJ and thought it was a great workshop, would like to see TR to host this in the future. Attended the Council of Forest Industry dinner in FSJ. Attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting and was happy to see it was very well attended.

Councillor Kirby: Attended the NEMI open house. Took part in the Emergency Planning committee meeting. Attended the Rules of Order workshop and Council of Forest Industry dinner in Fort St. John. Extended congratulations to Loraine on her award.

Councillor Way: attended the NEMI open house, thought it was well attended. Glad to see the Flu shot clinic is being held in rooms 4 and 5. Preparations for the ?Christmas Light Up Campaign? are moving along. Details will be coming out soon.

Councillor Younge Attended the NEMI Open House. Attended the Parliamentary procedures workshop in Fort St. John. Councillor Young asked when Council could meet with the Grizfest committee. Expressed concern that Tumbler Ridge receives its fair share of the 13 million dollars that has been allocated to the Peace area by the Northern Development initiative. Extended congratulations to Loraine Funk on her award.

Councillor Steele commented on the District website guest book and some of the messages that are being left there. He read a message that gave high praise to the Mayor for the job he is doing.

9. New Business:

a) Museum Foundation Office Space requested by the TR Museum Foundation. The Museum Foundation has requested that it utilize the Visitor Information building, which closed for the season on September 10th. In exchange for use of the office space, the TRMF has agreed to keep the building doors open and continue visitor information services during the winter months.

Council agreed that the TRMF use the Visitor Information building until April.

use the old Icemen office from Donna Legault, Secretary, TRMF. The Museum Foundation is not interested in paying rent for the space. Their purpose is to promote the Museum in the interest of the Community benefit.

Councillor McPherson is worried about giving the room to the TRMF on a formal basis.

Councillor Colledge commented that because of the grant they received, there is the need for a formal agreement.

Councillor Way said that this space needs to be put out to tender, this gives a level playing field for all organizations. Motion defeated.

c) To enter into an agreement for the Restaurant area in the Community Centre. As there was only one proposal submitted, the options are to work a deal out with ¾ Enterprises (Sheila Prohl-contact), or have them vacate and decide on another avenue.

Community Services Director, Peter Thomas would like Council to enter into a three-year lease with ¾ Time Enterprises in the operation of the Community Centre restaurant and lounge at a rate of $1378.55 per month, plus another $300 that would be applid to the tax bill, per month. (Recommendations and supporting documents for this and other items on the agenda are available from Town Hall, or can be accessed through the District website

Councillor Younge asked if the proposed changes to the Community Centre could affect this lease agreement.

Nigel Black responded that Sheila is aware that changes may occur.

Councillor McPherson asked if this could be changed to a one-year lease.

Councillor Younge made a motion to amend the lease to one year. So amended. Motion passed.

d) Motion that Council approve travel expenses for Councillor Kirby to attend the Alberta Snowmobile Association Trade Show in Edmonton Alberta from October 22024. Passed.

e) Council was asked to consider an application from Yvette Francois (owner of the Twilight Lodge) for a development permit to accommodate the construction of an additional building to house eight new accommodation suites. Originally this property consisted of a lot that measured 36m x 45m. In 2003 a deal was finalized which sold an additional parcel adjacent to the property and the two lots were consolidated into one parcel. In early 2004 the owners approached Council regarding a development permit application to add an office/residence to the existing structure. The current addition is in the final stages of construction and was built entirely on the original parcel of land. Council has been instructed to examine the application for the development of eight new suites and ensure that it fits with the intent of the official Community plan intentions.

Councillor Younge asked if there is a time line on this decision as she is concerned that Council is being rushed into this.

Black responded that Council could take as much time as they require.

Councillor Way agreed with Councillor Younge, she doesn?t want to rush into this.

Councillor Kirby doesn?t have a problem with this as he sees it as the company just trying to grow their business.

Motion defeated, will go back to Committee of the Whole for discussion.

f) Council is scheduling a special meeting of Council on October 28th to give the final reading of Bylaw 491,2004, ?A bylaw to provide exemption to certain lands within the Municipality of Tumbler Ridge from taxation.? Lands include golf course, churches and Grizzly Valley Saddle Club.

10.Schedule of Meetings

11. Council resolved to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 (1) (e) of the Community Charter to discuss a labour relations and a land issue. 90 (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered relates to or is one or more of the following: (e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;