Regular Meeting of Council, April 19, 2004

1.Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2.Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of April 5, 2004.

3.Business arising from the Minutes

4.Petitions and Delegations.

a) Cst. Beth Graham, Re: RCMP Quarterly Report. The Stats this quarter are similar to those of last. Cst. Graham said that although there was a small increase in property damage under $5000 and uttering threats, there has been a decrease in traffic offences. The new member, who will be replacing Cpl. Grobmeier is Corpral Peats. Peats is an eighteen year member who is currently teaching at Depot in Regina. He will be arriving in June. Mayor Iles commented that there have been complaints regarding youth drinking in front of the Community Centre. Councillor McPherson said that there seems to be an issue with parking downtown.


a)Peace River Regional District, Re: Emergency Bark Beetle Management Area. Council received a letter from PRRD asking that each member municipality send a letter to the Ministry of Forests asking them to declare the Peace Area as a beetle management area. Letter accepted for discussion. Councillor Younge would like to put information at the Tourist Information Centre this summer, so that hikers will be aware of the pine beetle and keep their eyes open for signs of the pine beetle. Councillor McPherson would like to have a letter sent to Canfor regarding the hauling of infested wood causing this infestation. Councillor Kirby said that when he was talking to Canfor, they told him that the beetles were blown in by the wind; it was not the result of hauling. Councillor Younge commented that it is interesting that a study has begun now, after the hauling has taken place. Mayor Iles gave direction to staff to send a letter to the Ministry of Forests asking them to declare the Peace Area as a beetle management area.

b)Tumbler Ridge Employment Needs Development Service, a letter received from Jan Legaspi requesting a letter of support from Mayor and Council. The letter of support would be used in a proposal to HRDC to enhance services that are already in place. Motion passed.

c)City of North Vancouver, Re: Medical Service Plan Records Administration. The City Council of North Vancouver is requesting support for their resolution asking the Provincial Government to not privatize medical records to any American company or any affiliate of an American Company. The Province of BC is looking to privatize the Medical Services Plan records Administration. Councillor Colledge commented that Council should strongly support this motion. Motion passed.

d)City of North Vancouver, Re: Sale of BV Rail to CN Rail. The City Council of North Vancouver is requesting support for their resolution calling on the Provincial Government to abandon its agreement with CN Rail for the sale of BC Rail. Councillor McPherson said that he had a problem supporting this resolution. Mayor Iles agreed with Councillor McPherson and the motion to support this letter was defeated.

e)Tumbler Ridge Umbrella Committee Re: Mental Health SCIP Contract. A letter asking Council?s support in addressing the cutback in Mental Health due to the termination of the Mental Health SCIP Contract by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). TRUC is requesting that Council communicate to the Northern Health Authority as well as the MCFD to address this issue. Councillor Colledge would like to see a letter written to these Ministries to address this. Motion passed.

f)Sci-Tech North Re: Board Membership. Sci-Tech North is a regional economic development organization that provides the resources for Enterprises; Innovators; Chamber of Commerce; EDO?s and Entrepreneurs who need assistance with Business development or overcoming difficulties with new technology. They are asking for a representative from Tumbler Ridge to sit on their Board. Councillor McPherson would like to see someone from Tumbler Ridge on this Board, possibly EDO Ray Proulx. Councillor Younge suggested a local Chamber of Commerce member once they are up and running. Councillor McPherson volunteered to sit on this Board for one year. Motion passed.

6.Staff Reports: a) Motions were made to accept the following staff reports: Chief Administrative Officer?s Report b) Accounts Payable in the amount of $410,939.97 c) Public Works Department report d) Fire Department report e) Community Services department monthly report F) Economic Development Department monthly report

7. Bylaws

a) Motions were made for the final reading of Bylaw 482, 2004, A Bylaw to Regulate the Meeting of the Council of the District of Tumbler Ridge and the Conduct Thereof.

b) Motions were made for the final reading of Bylaw No. 483, 2004 ?A Bylaw to Establish the Five Year Financial Plan 2004-2008.?

8.Councillors Business: Councillor Colledge attended a TRUC meeting, the Chamber of Commerce meeting and was manning the booth at the Fort St. John Trade Show. 5000-6000 people came through the Tumbler Ridge booth. Councillor Younge attended the TAC meeting, a Youth Council Meeting, as well as the Trade Show in Fort St. John. Councillor Kirby attended a Community Forests conference in Revelstoke with EDO Proulx. He also met with Ron Colledge to discuss an application for Crown lands, which would extend beyond Colledge?s properties. Kirby also met with Dave Philips regarding accessing logs. Met with a representative from the Ministry of Lands. Congratulations to Kevin Sharmin on receiving a Community Achievement award. Councillor Way attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting, it was very positive. Way also attended the Library Board meeting. Thank you to Trish Clooney who resigned from the Board and best of luck in Hinton. Councillor McPherson attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting. Mayor Iles attended a Minerals North Conference in Smithers. Iles reported that Tumbler Ridge was the only ?mining community? represented. Iles talked with Pat Bell regarding Western Canadian Coal. Everything is on schedule for an October start up date. Iles was also able to meet with the CEO from the Ridley Terminals in Prince Rupert. This was a positive and worthwhile meeting regarding getting all parties to the table to discuss the future of mining.

9.New Business

a)Motion made that Council approve travel expenses for 2 members of Council to attend the Resource Based Communities Conference in Prince George from May 5-8, 2004. Motion passed.

b)Motion made that Council award the contract for the 2004 web development project to Trent Ernst for the amount of $14,900.00 and direct the EDO to draft and sign the contractual agreement for completion of the project work. Proposals were evaluated on Quality of proposal, Technical experience, quality of portfolio contents, responses provided by client references, familiarity with the community in social and economic contexts, quality and applicability of ideas and timeline required to complete this project. The weight of the final selection was based on: quality and applicability of suggestions brought forward by the applicant. Quality of previous work and price of services. Fulfillment of these criteria, in conjunction with a high level of familiarity with this community, led to this decision. A total of ten proposals were received, they were narrowed down to four for final selection. Price quotes were $14,900, $19,970, $20,204 and $17,920. Councillor McPherson has a problem with the way this selection was done. He would have liked to have seen all of the local proposals, rather than just the top four because he feels Council will be the ones who will have to answer questions regarding the selection. Councillor Younge voiced her concerns. McPherson asked why the other two local proposals weren?t chosen. Nigel Black commented that the other two local proposals didn?t meet the criteria that was set in place for the website design. Councillor McPherson would like to know who these bidders were and why their proposals weren?t chosen. He would like to see the other local proposals. Nigel Black responded that you can?t distinguish between local and non-local proposals. If Council wants to see the proposals they will have to look at all of them. Council will have to defeat this motion and look at all of the proposals. Councillor Way agrees with Councillor McPherson, that she will be asked why this proposal was accepted above the other local proposals. The motion was repeated. Councillor Colledge and Councillor Kirby in favor, Councillors McPherson, Younge and Way opposed. Motion defeated.

c)Motion made that the District of Tumbler Ridge endorse the recommendation by the Peace River Regional District to have the Elected Officials Working Committee expanded to include the current members plus the rest of the Peace River Regional District Board members and the Northern Rockies Regional District Board members. Mayor Iles asked Council to defeat this motion after giving a brief history. Motion defeated.

d)Motion made that Council approve travel expenses for Councillor Younge and Councillor Colledge to attend the Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce Meeting with Air Canada on April 20, 2004. Motion passed.

e)Councillor McPherson made a motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $277.20+GST to cover the cost of the facility rental for the TR Community Arts Council on April 24.

f)Schedule of Meetings: Invitation for Council to attend the Canadian Rural Revitalization meeting on May 1, 2004.

g)Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting to discuss a Personnel issue.

When Council returned to Chambers, Hazel Peters presented the District of Tumbler Ridge with a Dinosaur Footprint on behalf of the Museum Foundation.