Regular Meeting of Council: March 18, 2015

Trent Ernst, Editor


Present: Mayor McPherson, Councillors Krakowka, Scott and Caisley

Before starting, Mayor McPherson awards Aleen Torraville the Certified Municipal Clerk designation. She recently completed her training.



Constable James Bos came before Council to update them on the DARE Program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). Bos notes the lack of three councillors. “Must be the holidays or something.”

He says that he is running the DARE program again this year with a group of kids at the High School and a group at the Elementary School. Bos says it is a chance for the kids to engage with the RCMP in a non-enforcement role. While the program is ten sessions during ten weeks, but parents, friends, and the community are also important. “It takes a village,” he says. “We are engaging the grade fives and sixes in the hopes they are able to avoid those pitfalls. By the time they are faced with these decisions, I may well be transferred, which is why it’s important that you are all involved.”

Bos says by the time he leaves here, all students over grade 5 will have received this program. Because there are so few students, he is doing the program every second year for two classes.

He invites council to the DARE grad, happening April 17. “If we are not being proactive, we’re being reactive,” he says. “If you turn one kid around because of the program, it’s worth it. With the changes in the community, the kids are seeing influences that they’ve never seen before, which we’re dealing with in real time right now.”



Correspondence dated March 6, 2015 from the City of Fort St. John and the District of Taylor advising the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development that the City of Fort St. John and the District of Taylor want to be on record as not agreeing to the reopening of the existing MOU signed in 2005.



There was a proposal to renew the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council lease for a three (3) year term beginning December 1, 2014 and ending on December 1, 2017 in consideration of payment of $1.00 (ONE DOLLAR) per year. However, Councillor Krakowka moved to table this discussion until after a space inventory can be done at the Rec Centre.

Mayor McPherson suggests discussing it at the next P&P.


Council awarded the Tender for Supply of Petroleum Products and Fuels to PFA Canada (Peace Country Petroleum) for the remainder of the 2015 year with the option of renewing the contract for an additional two years.


Council awarded the Tender for the Supply of Propane Fuel to Bluewave Energy (Division of Parkland Inc) for the remainder of 2015 year with the option of renewing the contract for an additional two years.

Councillor’s Business

Councillor Caisley suggests adding discussions of next year’s budget meetings and how they align with the suggestions proposed by Mr. Cuff at the meeting Council attended recently. He also proposes that Council receive a list of the 130 items discussed by EDO Jordan Wall at the last meeting so they can begin to prioritize that. He attended a meeting sponsored by PRRD on background on Fair Share. It was a lengthy exercise, he says.

Councillor Scott says March has been slower than February for meetings. She says she received a thank you from Dawson Creek for our support for the NCLGA proposal. She says smaller communities could never host a conference like that, but with Dawson Creek hosting we can bring people out for tours, etc. She will keep people posted on the bid process. She attended the Lapsit session at the library. She also attended the Novice tournament in Dawson Creek. She went for a drive to km 5.5 on the Wolverine. There is some equipment there that looks like it’s been abandoned by the contractor who was looking after the road. She wants the District to find out if that is so, as she’s worried about contaminants getting into the water.

She sent a memo to Blair Lekstrom about paving Highway 52. He said it was his understanding that was part of the plan. She suggests getting the Regional District on Board. She is wondering about attracting passenger trains to Tumbler Ridge. Elliott says staff will be making contact with CN to come to a meeting. Finally, she met with someone who is interested in running the campground. Elliott say he has talked to the same person.

Councillor Krakowka was honoured to be asked to be the MC for the Figure Skating Club. On March 11 attended a senior’s meeting. All is going well there; they are starting to organize fundraising. He has heard some concern from citizens about the trucks in the parking lot behind Lakeview having expired plates. He’s wondering about the status of the bylaw. Torraville says it has been reviewed by the lawyers, and she is waiting for the bylaw staff to take a look at the changes.

He has heard some rumbling about the Golf Course.

Elliott says he has met those two, but both submissions are quite different and he is wrestling with that.

He thanks Public Works for all the hard work they’ve been doing with keeping up with spring, but he has heard concerns about the area in front of the VIC. Elliott says they are monitoring it, and they’re doing what they can, but people need to use caution there. “They’re working as diligently as they can on that,” he says. Krakowka asks if there can be pea gravel or something put down on that? Operation Manager Doug Beale says there are some issues with that area. The top 12 inches of cover they used was…”inappropriate” material for the road surface, but it was all they had at the time before winter. That, says Beale, is what’s causing the issue. “There wasn’t enough material in the area to finish the road before winter,” says Beale. “If we hadn’t done that, we would have had to keep the road closed all winter. That top 12 inches is constantly accepting moisture. Last week we took a back hoe out there to scrape it. But in order for the road to be finished, we need to take out that 12 inches and redo it with all the correct material.”

Mayor McPherson attended the PRRD meeting in Dawson. There were two motions passed of interest. Mr. Elliott also received a letter from Chris Cvik, and there will be a proposed MOU at the next meeting for cost sharing. Tumbler Ridge’s cost would be about eight percent. This is the least costly means of doing these negotiations, say the Mayor. Council says they support this plan. He says he attended the Fair Share 101 meeting, and while it wasn’t entertaining, it was informational. He says he feels a lot better dealing with these matters now.

“It was brought to me today that there’s been a big hike in PNG rates,” he says. He wants to get some more information on it, and proposes that PNG comes before council. Again. But this time he wants to have more information before having the discussion.

He went on the business walk with Carmen from Chamber, Tammy from JTST and Jordan. “I tell you, it’s a depressing thing to do; we should do all we can to support our local businesses, because they’re having a tough time staying open.”

He says Chetwynd is looking for financial support for the Chainsaw Carving competition. They have been talking about a $10,000 sponsorship. If Tumbler were to do that, Chetwynd is looking at donating a chainsaw carving to the District.