Regular Meeting of Council: March 7, 2016

Trent Ernst, Editor

Present: Mayor McPherson, Councillors Caisley, Kirby, Howe, Krakowka, Scott, Mackay



Chase Laursen and Tri Nguyen from the Dawson Creek Autocross Club came before council seeking support for the creation of a Peace Rally 2016 Event in the Peace River Region. The event would tie Dawson, Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd together, and would hopefully attract people from across North America. They’re basing the event on similar events across Canada. They are looking to create awareness and ask for district Support for the event, especially around road closures for the ride. They say they’d like to do this as an annual event to bring tourism to the area.

Councillor Mackay asks about the format of the rally. They say it’s not a race, but a timed event. From Dawson to Tumbler Ridge, there would be possibly six stages, with the average time for each stage out. “You can’t go above that average speed, or you blow your time,” says Laursen.

Nguyen says there will be stops of interest along the way. “If Council has any suggestions of places to stop,” he says, “we’re all ears.”

Laursen says an option might be to have a car show in town when they reach Tumbler Ridge. “We’re hoping for a minimum of 40 to 60 cars,” he says. “That would be a pretty good event for the residents.”

Councillor Howe points out that there is a large windmill project on the go between Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd, so they will need to work around that “The logistics of having a $10,000/hour truck having to stop on the side of the highway,” says Howe. Nguyen says they are looking at the logistics around that.

Councillor Krakowka asks what happens if an emergency vehicle needs to get through. There will be radios in the vehicles, says Laursen, as well as people along the way who can stop the vehicles in case of emergency.

Councillor Caisley asks what type of vehicles will be involved. Nguyen says there will be four classes: zero emissions, classics, competition class and exhibition class.

Mayor McPherson says his only concern is there’s not a class for Smart Cars.


See story HERE.



Correspondence received February 22, 2016 inviting the District to participate in the Communities in Bloom Program. Councillor Krakowka asks what is needed from town Council? Jordan Wall says, according to the document, there would need to be a committee, there would need to be fundraising and awareness. “It’s a big project.”

Mayor McPherson says when Tumbler Ridge took part in Communities in Bloom before, it was done by the garden club. They’d have to be part of it if we have any chance of making it. He suggests passing this information on to the garden club.


The Local Government Program Services sent a note advising that the District’s grant application in the amount of $10,000 has been approved.


The Local Government Program Services sent a letter advising that the District’s grant application for the Development of a Committee and Policy, Condition Assessment Framework and Communications Plan has been approved in the amount of $10,000.



Council gave the final reading to the Off-Road Vehicle Bylaw.


Council gave final reading to the Municipal Ticket Information (MTI) Amendment Bylaw.



Council received a report from the Corporate Officer regarding Screamin’ Eagle Ventures Ltd. around an application for a Permanent Change to Liquor Licence, and the application from Wendy Trueit of Screamin’ Eagle Ventures Ltd. for a permanent change to the hours of liquor sales for the Tumbler Ridge Golf & Country Club (103 Golf Course Road) be recommended for approval; that the required criteria has been considered and is summarized with this report; that views of the residents were requested by posting a notice in the local newspaper, on the District’s website and at the District’s three (3) notice boards, with one comment being received.

Councillor Mackay asks if there is a requirement for having a separate bar only area for this? “No”, says Wall, “it’s just the time”.

Councillor Kirby says each time the golf course has to get a special occasion license, for weddings and other events it is $350. To change the hours for the season is $350, so she can see why they want to do this. “I don’t think it was Screamin’ Eagle’s idea to do this every night, but Fridays and Saturdays and for special events,” she says.

Mayor McPherson says he talked to the person who wrote a letter opposing this. The reason that letter was written was because of the conditions in town. There are three licenced establishments open after 12, he says, and it really stretches the few patrons thin.

COFO Annual Convention Travel Expenses

Council authorized travel expenses for Mayor McPherson’s attendance to the COFI Annual Convention in Kelowna, BC on April 6–8, 2016 (approximate amount of $920); and travel expenses for the approximate amount of $1,850 for any Councillor(s) interested in attending the COFI Annual Convention in Kelowna, BC on April 6 – 8, 2016. Councillor Mackay expresses interested in going.


Council voted to maintain the ice in the Community Centre arena until March 27, 2016, and encourages Staff to offer an expanded ice availability schedule during this time. Councillor Howe says there are three kids that are going to BC’s Best Ever under 15 tryouts and he feels it is important to help them. “Their parents are planning on getting together to rent the ice several times through the week to work specifically on body contact with a coach, something they are not familiar with under house hockey rules,” he says in his submission. “We as a community should try to help these kids develop the skills required to protect themselves and succeed in representing our town.” He also points out the Oldtimers would keep renting the ice twice a week as well. Councillor Kirby says this is the second year in a row that they’ve been asked for an extension to the ice time. She thinks perhaps it should be left in until the end of spring break from here on in. Wall says the only concern is if the ice isn’t out by the time the annual pool shutdown happens, it will need to be left in, at great cost, so in the future, staff will take this into consideration when planning on when the ice will be removed.


Council pre-approved $40,000 for the 2016 budget for the purpose of hiring a municipal efficiency consultant. Councillor Scott asks if there is someone in mind for the position. Wall says there is nobody in mind. Mayor McPherson says this is something that should be done occasionally, but as far as he knows, it hasn’t been done recently, if at all. Councillor Howe says his only concern is the person who comes in has carte blanche on being able to talk to anyone and get information from the primary sources. The mayor says this is what has happened in the past when other similar groups have come in.


The Tourism Action Committee passed a motion regarding opening the Community Centre during Statutory Holidays to accommodate and encourage tourists traveling to Tumbler Ridge. However, says Wall, in the past the District has tried this, but it was discontinued due to a lack of attendance and the additional cost of staffing. Councillor Krakowka says this issue came up earlier this year around family day, and, while it worked out and was a warm day, it has been discussed around the community how Dawson Creek had free swimming, skating, and their climbing wall was opened. He wants to see the Community Centre open year round. Councillor Howe says, while there are certain days that it would be a good idea to have the Community Centre open, there are days, like Christmas Day, that wouldn’t be. “I don’t think we should lump them all together in one group.”

Councillor Kirby says at the Tourism Action Committee meeting, the discussion was are there are a lot of visitors in town on stat holidays during the summertime; she says there was an alternative proposal, which was to have the Community Centre open on BC Day, Canada Day and Labour Day. “I don’t think trying it would be a bad thing.”

Councillor Mackay says stat holidays are for everyone, including District employees, and they deserve the day off, too. Mayor McPherson says he agrees with Councillor Howe that there are some days that make sense. For instance, BC Day, which is when Grizfest happens. “We’ve got a town loaded with people and the rec centre is closed; that never made a lot of sense to me.” He proposes tabling it to a P&P meeting, and they can discuss specific dates to be opened. Passes.


Councillor Caisley has nothing to report.

Councillor Kirby says the meeting with Moberly Lake was very interesting. She moves for reconsideration of the discussion of the Community Stat Holiday Discussion. She recommends that Council goes with the alternative recommendation, to have the Community Centre open during Canada Day, BC Day and Labour Day. Councillor Howe says he can understand Canada Day, BC Day, but not Labour Day. Councillor Kirby says there are still a lot of visitors in town at the time. Councillor Howe asks if this would mean that everything would have to be open, like the aquatic centre, or would it mean just the centre open so people could come in and look at the displays. Wall says the cost in the report did not include having the aquatic centre open. Councillor Kirby says the intension was to have the aquatic centre open. Wall says Council can chose to include that if they wish. Councillor Scott asks why Family Day isn’t on the list, as the last couple year’s people have been asking about that. Councillor Mackay says this was exactly why they were pushing this to a P&P meeting. So they could have a full discussion on this, and so staff could have time to make a more complete report.

Councillor Howe says his understanding is the Tourism Action Committee wants a decision on this sooner rather than later. He’s good with adding in Family Day, and voting on it now. Councillor Scott makes a friendly amendment to include Family Day. Amendment is accepted. Motion passes.

Councillor Howe has nothing to report.

Councillor Mackay says there was a meeting with Little Prairie Community Forest to find out what the best way was to allocate the uplift of 30,000 cubic meters that was allotted to be split up between the two, but nothing was decided. Council to Council meeting with West Moberly, where they discussed urban reserve and the Community Forest.

Councillor Scott says there was some concern coming out of the oldtimer’s hockey tournament.

Councillor Krakowka has nothing to report.

Mayor McPherson also attended Council to Council meeting with West Moberly. He is interested in entering into similar discussions with McLeod Lake and Saulteau.