Regular Meeting of Council: Monday, March 17, 2014

Trent Ernst, Editor


Present: Mayor Wren, Councillors Leggett, Litster, McPherson, Caisley, Snyder

Business Arising From The Minutes

Council Meeting Action Summary Sheet

Petitions and Delegations

Tumbler Ridge Health Services Master Plan

Jaret Clay, Northern Health’s Health Services Administrator, and South Peace and Betty Morris, Betty Morris, Chief Operating Officer, Northeast Health Service Delivery Area Presentation to Council on the Tumbler Ridge Health Services Master Plan. See story page 2.


Patsy Antle from the TR Museum Foundation appeared before council to request a $75,000 Grant-in-Aid installment. Council approved the request, though there was some discussion about the Fee for service policy. Councillor McPherson asked if all the money needed to be paid out now, and suggested that only a portion of the Grant in Aid be allotted while they figure out the fee for service model. Mayor Wren said that would be council’s decision. Councillor Caisley said he didn’t have a problem with the motion to give them the full amount. Councillor Snyder said there’s no guarantee on how long the process would take to get the fee for service agreement set up. He recommends paying the full amount now. Chief Administrative Officer Barry Elliott says the discussions with AldrichPears this week will help set deliverables. Councillor Leggett says he’d be in favour of paying out the full amount asked for, and then deal with future funding under fee for service policy.



Council received correspondence from Dale Bumstead, Mayor of the City of Dawson Creek, extending an invitation, which includes the District of Tumbler Ridge, to a PRLGA meeting being held Wednesday, April 9, 2014. The meeting is happening on the same night as a P&P meeting is scheduled, though that will probably be rescheduled, says Mayor Wren.


Greg Grant, Provincial Executive Director of the BC Transplant Agency sent a letter advising council that April is National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Month and requesting that Tumbler Ridge consider hosting a “Register to be a Donor” banner on the District’s website. A motion was made to host the banner, which was approved.


Kees VanDeBurgt of KC’s Dollar Store and More sent a letter expressing concern regarding the Zoning Bylaw Amendment #613.


Anthony Boos, Royal LePage / Cascade Realty sent a letter expressing concern regarding the Zoning Bylaw Amendment #613.


Al Kopeck, Koals Holdings Ltd. sent a letter expressing concern regarding the Zoning Bylaw Amendment #613.

Councillor Caisley made a motion to deal with all three letters at once. He also made a motion to refer these to the next P&P meeting. Furthermore, he would also like to extend an open invitation to all business owners to write or appear before council, and invites Chamber of Commerce to present their opinion at that time. Councillor Snyder agrees it would be best to have as many businesses let their feeling be made known. Councillor Leggett says the feelings of the business community have been made known, and he’d like to invite the members of the public to come. The motion is approved, and discussion on this issue will be held next week.


The BC Utilities sent its report on the virtual natural gas pipeline between Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge. Councillor Leggett says he was surprised to see the approval was granted, conditionally. “My biggest concern is those vehicles up and down the roads. It’s a matter of time before someone doesn’t come home.” He says a truck in the ditch earlier this winter closed down the road for a couple of days. “The report seemed to focus on the economics, and it doesn’t focus on the safety aspect.”

Mayor Wren says he’s glad the commission rejected PNG’s proposal that the residents of the community pay a portion of this. He says this will save locals about $300,000.


Councillor Snyder attended Destination BC planning session on March 5. He has been talking with grant writer regarding funding for some projects.

Councillor Caisley attended regional board meeting. He reminds council that April 9 is PRLGA meeting at the Dawson Creek curling rink. He attended the March 15 meeting with museum and is looking forward to AldrichPears workshop

Councillor McPherson attended the Vancouver outdoor show. He says it was a successful show, but was surprised at how many people don’t know where the Peace Region is, let alone Tumbler Ridge. He thinks next year it might do better to focus on markets closer to home like Grande Prairie and Prince George, as “it’s not such a learning curve for them.” He has had a discussion with the ATV club about the trail down by golf course.

Councillor Leggett also attended tourism workshop. He did a walk around cut block with Community Forester. They flagged off what could be the basis for a new mountain biking and hiking trail. He also met with Gordie from ATV club looking at sites on Councillor McPherson’s map. They checked out the trail down to the river, and Gordie pointed out there is downstream access from the other side. “Gordie said ‘Why lock the front door when the back door is open?’” says Leggett. He also attended museum foundation discussion.

Councillor Litster attended a Grizfest meeting, where the discussion was around finding a headliner. On March 8 met Georgina Wheatcroft. She, too, attended museum meeting which she found very enlightening.

Mayor Wren also attended museum meeting. He says a positive thing that came out of that was that everyone agreed the paleontological research should be funded by the province, as they are actual owners of the artifacts. He was in Vancouver at the trade fair with Councillor McPherson, and would echo his sentiment that we focus on closer cities. He attended meeting with liberal caucus along with Geopark Committee and Museum. He says many of the members weren’t away that there isn’t legislation to protect those fossils, but he lauds Mike Bernier, who he says is very committed to get that back on the floor. He also had a meeting with minister Yamamoto and gave her a presentation around the hopes for tourism in Tumbler Ridge. He toured around wildfire mitigation area. “I appreciate the work that Duncan and the community forest are doing,” says Wren. “At the end of the day, were going to decrease wildfire risk and open up a new recreation area.” He has received a request from HD mining, who want a get together with council to discuss the future, talk about their successes.