Regular Meeting of Council Nov. 19, 2013

Lynsey Kitching


Present: Mayor Wren; Councillors Leggett, Litster, McPherson, Caisley and Snyder


Ambulance Paramedics BC

Presentation to Council regarding ‘Paramedicine’. Story on page six.

Forever Young Society

Ellen Sager came in to address a few safety issues around town. Main issues brought forth were, the sidewalks from Sears to the Community Centre, it would be helpful if they were painted yellow; the entrance to the tourist centre has a few safety issues including the state of the sidewalks, the ramp and there is no handicapped parking; there should be a crosswalk from the medical centre to the post office so people don’t have to jay walk; the ramp inside the building where LaPrairie Crane is located is unsafe; she questions if the 15 minute parking in certain areas, for example in front of the medical centre and the credit union is necessary; she has made serious efforts to get automatic doors at the post office, including writing the MLA and the CEO of Canada Post; the automatic doors at the medical clinic are also a problem, due to their location and also the ‘door is sticky, please pull hard’ sign that has been there for a long time; and finally, the icy and snowy sidewalks, she realizes sometimes this can’t be helped, but after a few people fell outside of the community centre at the craft fair, something should be done to make sure certain areas are clear of ice and snow. Mayor Wren asked to have staff address Sager’s concerns immediately in areas that are district owned.



Correspondence dated Oct. 28, 2013 from Honourable Minister Bennett thanking Council for the opportunity to meet at the UBCM. Received as information.


Correspondence dated Nov. 6, 2013 from the Honourable Judith Guichon expressing gratitude for the hospitality received on her visit to Tumbler Ridge. The letter was received as information.


Correspondence dated Nov. 12, 2013 from the Tumbler Ridge Forever Young Society inviting Mayor and Council to an open house on Thurs. Dec. 5, 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to four p.m. Received as information.


Correspondence dated Oct. 28, 2013 from the City of Burnaby re Renewal of Federal Gas Tax Agreement – UBCM Member Survey. Received as information.


Correspondence dated Nov. 13, 2013 from Dr. Charles Helm with the press release from TRMF regarding recent paleontological discoveries near Tumbler Ridge. Received as information.


Correspondence dated Nov. 14, 2013 from the Executive Director requesting free use of the Conference Centre to host a fundraiser—the Small Business Christmas Party on Dec. 7, 2013. The district has one use left for the calendar year. Councillor McPherson made the motion to grant the free use of the conference centre, it was seconded by Councillor Snyder and all were in favour.


Correspondence dated Nov. 12, 2013 from the SFN Health Director with an invitation to attend a Health Fair on Fri. Jan. 31, 2014. The goal is to bring service providers together to collaborate and to share information to the community members from Saulteau First Nations, West Moberly First Nations and surrounding areas. Council made a motion for Councillor Litster to attend, all were in favour.

New Business


Report dated Nov. 13, 2013 from the Interim Director of Community Services requesting Council’s approval of a fee waiver request for the Tumbler Ridge Youth Services wakeathon. Recommendation was for Council to approve the fee waiver in the amount of $576.76 for Tumbler Ridge Youth Services. The wakeathon is an annual fundraising event that encourages the youth to participate in a variety of programs throughout the community. The recommendation passed with all in favour.


Report dated Nov. 14, 2013 from the Interim Director of Community Services titled Tumbler Ridge Lions Club Concession Lease Renewal requesting Council’s approval to renew the lease agreement with the Tumbler Ridge Lions Club for a one year period. The recommendation was that Council motion to enter into a one year lease agreement with the Tumbler Ridge Lions Club for the portions of the facility known as the concession for a license fee of 10 percent of their net profits for the period of Nov. 15, 2013 to Nov. 15, 2014. Mayor Wren brought up that because the Lions Club does so much for the community that Council should wave the fee of 10 percent of their net profits. All of council agreed and the initial recommendation was defeated. The motion then changed to Council motion to enter into a one year lease agreement with the Tumbler Ridge Lions Club for the portions of the facility known as the concession for a license fee of one dollar for the period of Nov. 15, 2013 to Nov. 15, 2014. The motion passed all in favour.

Councillors’ Business

Councillor Snyder

Attended the Remembrance Day services. Says he was very impressed to see all the kids from the elementary school there. He was also moved by the thank you video from South Korea at the ceremony. He also attended the craft fair and a few hockey games.

Councillor Caisley

Did a bunch of things, but only going to report on two or three. Not sure if Councillor Litster had mentioned this, I heard the PRRD on Nov. 14, Northern Health posted annual meeting in PG with six member regional hospital district. Agenda item #2, northern health review 2013-2014 capital plan, based upon reduced provincial funding commitments, the plan had been scaled back considerably. Tumbler Ridge, ENT redevelopment, $5,000 is still in the top five priorities. Councillor Caisley was also present at the PRRD meeting, which rescinded the new rural building bylaw.

Councillor McPherson

Murray River Coal Mine Project working meeting. He was surprised there is an estimated 31 year mine life and it will leave a relatively small footprint, as the load out and conveyors are underground. The mine shaft actually goes under the Murray River. Councillor McPherson would like to have a discussion about the coal dust in town. He mentioned having a drive through car wash that was industry provided. Councillor Caisley noted that back when Walter Energy was Western Coal, the company had said they would build a carwash to wash their trucks and other folks would pay for the service. He would also like to look into ways of integrating new workers to town. He would like to invite HD Mining to council to accomplish some integration. HD Mining has agreed to come.

Councillor Litster

She had nothing to report as she was on vacation. She is still working on putting the delegates together for the healthy living meeting.

Councillor Leggett

Leggett asked about using ATVs for snow removal. Mayor Wren said the RCMP will be invited to Council to discuss ‘priorities’. They also want to discuss the “Snow Angel” program again this year, where certain folks with ATVs are granted permission to go and do driveway snow removal for other people around town.

Mayor Wren

Visited the construction site at Monkman Commons, he was concerned about the road still being closed as it was well past permit. After a discussion with staff, the district advised the project they had 48 hours to reopen the road. They were successful in doing so. He would like staff to look into the fees for parking stalls. It seems some businesses are having trouble getting going because they are required to buy parking stalls, which can’t be bought on loan, in order to start their business downtown. Mayor Wren thinks businesses should have access to the giant parking lot which already exists, for public to use. I think we need to bring this part of the bylaw back to look at and do what we can to encourage business here. Item brought back to a future policy and priorities meeting.


Ellen Sager

We did have the chair and Mr. Lekstrom at a lunch and my suggestion was, how the seniors could be part of that. Our thought would be we might be able to have an evening or some kind of arrangement that the Chinese could come and socialize and use their language. What could the seniors do?