Lisa Allen

Present: Mayor McPherson, Councillors Caisley, Kirby, Howe, Krakowka, Scott, Mackay

Petitions and Delegations 

BC Conservation Officer – Sgt. Shawn Brinsky

Sgt. Shawn Brinsky from South Peace Zone, BC Conservation Officer Service came before council to discuss and answer questions about the visible bear issue around Tumbler Ridge.

Brinsky discussed the history on how Conservation Officers dealt with bears in the past. In the Fort Nelson Area they stopped relocating bears in 2002, as the bears were returning to food sources stressed and exhibiting erratic behaviour.

Fort Nelson’s most recent model is to eliminate bear attractants by not allowing garbage out at night or crab apple trees to fall fruit. “Bears are going to come and exist here. The best way to deal with bears is through mechanisms to prevent behaviour and occurrences”, says Brinsky. “Bear aware safety is important; dogs on leash, time of day factors, bear spray and bangers are all effective.”

Council expressed concern that this bear is different and has been around town for an unusual length of time. And there are vigilantly concerns with people discharging fire arms. Brinsky explains if a resident discharges their firearms they may lose their licence and be charged. A person can shoot a bear if mauled, but courts have spoken clearly on just killing a bear. If someone other than proper authority was to take matter into their own hands they could be faced with a number of stiff penalties. Conservation is responsible for setting up the bear trap. Report all sightings, interaction and or reactions to Conversation 1-877-952-7277

Borea Construction

David Chretien from Borea Construction came before council on the status of the Meikle Creek wind project. The project began in April with the roads, which are now 85 percent complete. 33 foundations are now complete with remaining 61 to be completed November. 15 percent of the irrigation system is done and should also be complete in November.

A majority of the workers will be finished mid-November and the remaining workers will finish by early December. Borea does not intend to work over the winter and will be back April/May 2016. Turbines delivery will start in mid-June.

Currently there are 246 workers and 53 heavy equipment operators on site. No safety or quality issues, Borea is proud of the job. Local businesses are being supported where possible. Concerns were expressed about the use of Meikle Creek area for temporary laydown, Borea will look into the hose that is being used and running through Moose Lake campground and assures council that the laydown and staging areas will be put back to bed and cleaned up properly upon completion. Chretien says he appreciates Tumbler Ridge, he has joined our community and his children have begun school here.


Super Natural British Columbia

Councillor Kirby will attend the Northern British Columbia Tourism Association, Annual General Meeting, October 1 & 2, 2015 in Prince George. Travel expenses. Approved.

TR Cares

Thanked the District of Tumbler Ridge for their support.

New Business

Unsightly Premise at 151 Kiskatinaw Crescent

Marcel Brodeur has contested the Removal Order sent by the Bylaw Department regarding the property at 151 Kiskatinaw Crescent. Council affirms the Removal Order for 151 Kiskatinaw Crescent. In the event Brodeur does not comply with the order the District will employ a contractor to mow the lawn and invoice Brodeur for all associated costs.

Community Centre Concession Space

Council accepts the proposal from the Tumbler Ridge Lions Club to operate the Concession located downstairs in the Community Centre for the amount of one dollar for the 2015-2016 ice season.

Approve Funding for Purchase of Recycle Baler

Council approved the funding request of the remaining funding required to purchase the Harmony H60XL Baler in the amount of $70,000 and waives the Purchasing Policy requirements of three quotes as the Harmony H60CL Baler is a specialized piece of equipment. Howe inquires if the bailer will be big enough for blue box recycling. Beale confirms saying “the bailer is sufficient capacity for our community. Similar for Fort St John & Dawson Creek, so well within limits. Once we get to curbside, it will handle quite well”

UBCM Schedule of Meetings

UBCM meeting with Premier Clark, Minister Bond, Minister Bernier and Minister Bennett is coming up next week. EDO Jordan Wall has worked a long time to get the attention for this meeting. Packages are ready to go on all the different asks. “One thing we have a clear shot to our goal. We will leave with the Premier confident with the town” says Wall. The three points which will be presented are Community Forest, Sustainability Plan and Wind Power.

Lions Club Community Pancake Breakfast and Yard Sale – Fee Waiver Request

Council approved the use of the Community Centre Rooms 4 and 5 on October 3, 2015 to host a Free Community Pancake Breakfast from 9 am – Noon and a Yard Sale from 9am – 3pm. Council approved the District of Tumbler Ridge Fee Waiver Application Form in the amount of $181.50.
Cumulative Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC) – Travel Approval
The Cumulative Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC) will provide a platform for research and dialogue on recent and proposed increased for resource development across Northern British Columbia and the effects on communities and regions. The launch event and workshop on October 2 & 3 is to introduce CIRC and foster conversations on cumulative impacts research and practice. Council approves travel expenses for Mayor McPherson to attend the launch and workshop for CIRC on October 2 & 3 in Prince George, BC at UNBC.

Councillor’s Business

Councillor Caisley is continuing to work on administration policy for exempt staff salary.

Councillor Kirby attended the Tourism Advisory Meeting. Missed volunteer appreciation BBQ, however would like to thank all the volunteers in our community, without all the volunteers we wouldn’t have these great events. Attend the Tumbler Ridge Club Championship at the Golf Course.
Councillor Howe has been using the arena hockey facility. Minor hockey is up and running and figure skating will begin soon. The ice in great shape, he says.

Councillor Krakowka has requested that staff contact the School District 59 regrading this year’s Fish Farm at the Tumbler Ridge Secondary School. Success by Six will attend an upcoming council meeting with a report.
Councillor Scott has received a few comments from people around town and the missing sidewalks around the gas stations and will bring forward next year. 75 foreclosures coming up, wondering if there is someone to call for updates on the foreclosures. Concerns about Tumbler Ridge during the recession. The officer general from the local government are calling upon municipalities for audits, audit is a way to improve performance, Dawson had one recently. Interested in looking into a Business Audit.

Councillor Mackay has been informed of a Community Forest meeting on Saturday at 10 am in the Council Chambers. The Community Forest will be holding a board of directors meeting and reviewing the end of the year and financial statements. Pine Beetle kill will be coming to an end, along with harvest updates and review of operations management performance.

Mayor McPherson took a little holiday. Attended the Volunteer Appreciation BBQ and had the biggest piece of cake! (He got to cut it). Community staff did a great job and everyone enjoyed it. Attended the Tourism Advisory meeting. Received a phone call from figure skating, numbers are down, families having a hard time affording the cost, discussion about to reducing rate and will bring to next PNP Meeting. “We need these things in our town. These things make our town.”