Regular Meeting of Council

1. Call to order at 7PM. 2. Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of April 19, 2004. 3.Business arising from the Minutes 4.Petitions and Delegations.

a) Ronald Heath addressed issues and concerns over the proposed walkway between Gwillim and Murray. He asked Council not to proceed with the development. Mayor Iles stated that Council will discuss this issue and get back to Heath.

5. Correspondence:

a) Northern Health Authority, Re: Liaison between Northern Health and Municipalities. Northern Health is contacting Municipalities to seek input on a liaison structure that will best meet the municipality?s needs. Received for Information.

b) City of Prince Rupert, Re: CN Rail/BC Rail Agreement. Received for information.

c) Tumbler Ridge Hospice/Palliative Care Society, Re: Funding. Referred to the next COW meeting.

d) The Council of Senior Citizens? Organizations of BC, Re: Medicare. Motion to support the resolution as presented. This resolution concludes: Be it further resolved that we commend the Council of Senior Citizens? Organizations of BC for its efforts to have implemented into federal legislation all the recommendations of the Royal Commission on the Future of Healthcare in Canada.

e) Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, Re: Support for the SICEAI Award. Asking the District to underwrite $130,650 required to help establish the Palaeontology Research Centre in Tumbler Ridge. The SICEAI award represents 50% of the total amount required. The Museum Foundation is responsible for 10%. The Foundation has a strategy to raise these funds over the next several months. TRMF feels that the District can show it?s support of the project by underwriting the $130,650; guaranteeing that if a shortfall occurs, it will be covered. Motion to refer to COW for more information.

f) City of Abbotsford, Re: Avian Flu Outbreak. The City of Abbotsford is requesting that a State of Emergency be declared in order to ensure appropriate resources are brought to bear on the Avian Flu crisis and appropriate legislation is triggered to deal with the aftermath. Received for information.

6. Staff Reports: Motion to accept the Chief Administrative Officer?s Report, May 3rd, 2004 as presented. Passed.

7. Councillor?s Business:

Councillor Colledge worked at the Tumbler Ridge booth at the Dawson Creek Tradeshow. On the 20th she attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting in Fort St John to discuss the Air Canada situation. Air Canada declined to attend but the other airlines were present. Attended the RCMP Community Stakeholders meeting as well as an Emergency Social Services planning session in preparation for Emergency Preparedness Week. Colledge also attended the Canadian Revitalization dinner meeting.

Councillor McPherson attended a meeting with District Operations Manager and the Department of Highways. There is a tentative three-year plan in place to fix up the highway between Tumbler Ridge and Dawson Creek as well as the Boundary Road. He is hoping to have more information by the end of May.

Councillor Way attended a Tourism Rural Community meeting. Councillor Kirby attended the TRMF (Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation) meeting at which they elected a new board.

Councillor Steele commented that the Golf course is up and running.

Councillor Younge attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting in Fort St. John. She also took care of the Tumbler Ridge booth at the Dawson Creek Tradeshow and reports that there may be a new business in Tumbler Ridge because of the Tradeshow. Mayor Iles attended the Regional District meeting at which they discussed Fairshare and policing. Mayor Iles also spoke to Al Johnson regarding the Lieutenant Governor?s visit, as she would like to speak to the youth.

8.New Business

a)Motion passed to grant a fee waiver of $92.40 to cover the cost of the facility rental for the Tumbler Ridge Dino Days group in room 5 on May 8, 2004 and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account.

b) Motion to award the contract for the 2004 web development project to Trent Ernst for the amount of $14,900.00 and direct the EDO to draft and sign the contractual agreement for completion of the project work. Motion passed. Councillor McPherson and Councillor Way opposed.

c) Motion passed that Council approve the Library Board enter an agreement to upgrade their office equipment.

d) Motion passed that Council endorse recommendation from the Peace River Regional District (PRRD) that the Elected Officials Working Committee be expanded to include the current members plus the rest of the PRRD board members and the Northern Rockies Regional District Board Members.

e) Motion made that Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to sign a contract with John Hoult of Tumbler Ridge to operate the Flatbed Campground and Park between May 15 and September 15, 2004 at a flat rate of $1699.00 per month. Councillor Kirby commented that Northern Service has provided excellent service in the past and that it is a shame that this decision was based on lowest bid rather than past performance. Mayor Iles agreed with Councillor Kirby that Northern Service has provided excellent service, as did Councillor Younge. Motion passed. Councillor Kirby opposed.

f) Emergency Preparedness Week Proclamation. May 2 to 8 is proclaimed Emergency Preparedness Week by Mayor and Council. Councillor Colledge commented that Emergency Social Services (ESS) has planned several activities for Emergency Preparedness Week and that the issue of Emergency Planning needs to be addressed.

g) Community Crash Reduction Challenge endorsement. Councillor McPherson asked if Tumbler Ridge was challenging another community. It was decided that Tumbler Ridge would issue a challenge to Chetwynd. Motion passed.

h) Motion passed to schedule a Special Committee of the Whole Meeting for May 5th, 2004 at 1PM and a Special Council Meeting for May 10 at 3PM and May 12 at 3PM.

9. Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 (1) (e) of the Community Charter.

Editors Note: 90 1 (e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;

The Community Charter can be found on the web at

OR type in bill 14 2003 Community Charter in the Yahoo web browser. Part Four, beginning at Section 81 deals with public participation and council accountability.