Remembering 1984

We asked people who have been around since 1984 to tell us what they remember about Tumbler Ridge back then. We had a handful of short responses and a couple of really long responses.

We’re going to run the longer responses next issue, including an interview with the person who planned the Grand Opening, but for now, here are a couple letters that we received. If you were here thirty years ago and want to let us know what life was like in 1984 in Tumbler Ridge, email


Daryl Armsworthy

I lived in TR from 1982 thru to 1994 and often think of my times there.  We were all young and from someplace else and pitching in to get things going.  I was involved in Rec Hockey and we managed to have 9 teams in the league that first year.  Every one was friendly and looking for friendship – great times.  To this day, we are still in contact with friends that we made there even though we have been gone 20 years.  I check in on your newspaper frequently and see a lot of familiar faces.  I have been back there a couple of times to visit friends.  TR was truly an amazing experience that I cherish to this day and I still like to call it my home away from home.  One of my children has TR as her birthplace, she was born on the highway in the back of an ambulance on the way to Chetwynd in 1992.  I bet there is not a huge number of kids that can lay claim to that.

 Randy Radies

Our family moved to TR in 1981/1982.  There were mostly mobile homes and construction camps with workers who worked at the mines or in the town.

There was a lot of hockey, hiking in the woods and activities usually centered around the community center.  Teen dances, adult dances, community groups and special performances were all held there. There were lots of roads, houses, apartments and landscaping being developed.

School had lots of activities available and a brand new field to play on.

The local rivers and lakes provided hours of entertainment for everyone.

I graduated in 1986 with approximately 40 fellow grads.