A few weekends ago late at night, a friend and I were walking around the Community Centre. My friend and I found a door slightly open to the Community Centre. We decided to walk inside, because we were cold outside. While we were in the Community Centre we walked around the building. Before we left we hopped into Sheila?s Place, and my friend took a bag of nuts, and he ate them, then we left the building.

I apologize to all the people I have made suffer and for any inconveniences because of my actions. We did not mean to harm anything or anyone and are very sorry for our actions.

I am now currently in the Restorative/Community Justice program and as a result of this program I will not be receiving any charges.

However I have received 30 hours of community service, a ban from the Community Centre for three months, and I have been given a 10 PM curfew for a period of three months. Through this experience I have learned that even little things can affect many people and the Community Centre is a privilege.

Next time I find a door open I will close it instead of entering and walking around. I have also learned that my life could have been greatly affected by a criminal record and I am very grateful to be taking part in the Restorative/ Community Justice.

Dear Community of Tumbler Ridge,

I was one of the people that vandalized the slide at the community centre. And I am very sorry I know I hurt a lot of people by this silly action, or could have hurt little children while playing on the slide. I don?t know what I was thinking at the time, and I know it wasn?t smart. But I can assure you this, it will never happen again.

So I am paying my portion to replace the slide and will be serving 20 hours of community service. I agree with the punishment laid down at the forum.

I would like to thank all of the people at the Restorative Justice forum for giving me this opportunity in how this was dealt with, and I?ve learned my lesson. I would like to say sorry to the Tumbler Ridge Community and I promise you this will never happen again.

Dear Tumbler Ridge,

I have done damage to the community centers slide. I burned a hole at the top of the slide and I am very sorry for what I have done.

I was punished for it and I am paying for the slide. I also have to clean the bleachers at the community centre as another punishment.

This was all sorted out with police at the Restorative Justice forum and I apologize again for what I have done. I know it was wrong and I feel terrible for it. I am also very sorry to all the little kids that cannot play on the slide.