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In the height of construction and renovation season the issue of unqualified and unlicensed contractors operating in our town often arises. If you know of any contractors operating without a business license, please call

Bylaw Enforcement at 242-3939.

Check contractor references and use organizations like the North BC Construction Assoc.

(250-563-1744) to determine what kind of questions you should be asking.

Questionable quality and service should be reported to the Better Business Bureau at


Visit TumblerRidge.ca for news and information

Coming Events:

July 18 Monkman Musings

An historical account of Alex Monkman, presented by the TR Community Arts Council and featuring Theatre on the Ridge (Grizzly Valley Players).

This play is an hour long tale of the man behind the mission of the Monkman Pass Highway created in the late 1930?s.

Comm. Centre Rm. 5 at 7pm

? silver donation appreciated.

Contact Erin Hanna 242-3364.

This event sponsored by the

District of Tumbler Ridge Ec. Dev?t Dept.

July 21 BINGO!

– 6pm doors, 7pm start. Comm. Centre Rms. 4&5

July 22 55+ – Drop-In at the Comm.Centre

1-4pm in Rm. 5. $2.

Contact Jo Sidwell 242-5775

July 26 Garden Tour


Meet at the Hartford Gardens. For more info, contact Ellen Sager 242-5283

Visit the Community Events Calendar at TumblerRidge.ca/excal/calendar.php

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