Ridge Radar

2008 Grant In Aid Application available at Town Hall and online ? Deadline Nov. 1st, 2007

Tumbler Ridge has been featured heavily in the October edition of Northwest Business Magazine, pick up your free copy at

Town Hall.

Visit TumblerRidge.ca for news and information

Coming Events:

Oct. 20 ? Market Square.

9:00am-4:00pm at the Community Centre. Bring your crafts, baking and garage sale items. $10/table ? book at the Community Centre


Oct. 22 ? BINGO!

Doors open 6:00pm,

games start at 7:00pm.

Rms. 4&5 at the

Community Centre.

Oct. 27 ? Rocky Horror Night & Halloween Dance.

Presented by the Grizzly Valley Players. First 100 tickets to BOTH events for $15

? on sale at the

Community Centre.

Additional Dance tickets available after Rocky Horror sell-out.

Sorry no minors.

Visit the Community Events Calendar at TumblerRidge.ca/excal/calendar.php

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