Ridge Ramble Cross Country Ski Race Invitation

The 10th annual Ridge Ramble Ski Race will be held on Sunday 5 February at one pm at the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course, and will have a new look in 2006. It has been designed to be spectator-friendly and action-packed, and to attract as many participants from as many ages and skill levels as possible. It caters in particular to chocolate lovers?

Start and finish will be on the first fairway below the first tee, and the course for the classic race will involve laps on the first and ninth holes, with participants repeatedly skiing through the start area for maximum spectator support. Distances have been shortened to make this a sprint event (three kms for adults and from 700m up for kids). Age categories are eight and under, 9-12, 13-16, senior, and masters (over 50), classic technique only. Following this a classic relay event will be held for two-person teams, with kid and adult categories. Relays are one of the newest and most exciting events in cross country skiing. Team members will alternate in doing 700m sprints, two each, for a total of four laps (2.8 kms). The Ridge Ramble will conclude with a short mystery fun event for participants and spectators if they are agreeable. Entry fees for all participants are a nominal $3. Winners? prizes are mostly in the form of chocolate. Let?s hope the snow accumulates and stays allowing for another exciting Ridge Ramble Cross Country Ski Race.